Astor Loukas

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Name Astor Loukas Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Precognition
Gender Male
Birthdate June 18 Age 31
Height 6'½" Build Underweight
Eyes Hazel Hair Black
Residence Elmhurst — With Auntie Delia and Nick
Employment None
Parents Eileen Ruskin (mother)
Gabriel Gray (father)
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried Children Unknown
First Scene Finders Sleepers Last Scene
Profile Astor is the cranky son of Eileen and Gabriel from the future that his aunt Delia says was absolutely ruined by Amato. Thanks Raith.
Astor Loukas
portrayed by

Eduardo Verastegui

Sufficient time for faith and miracles
We find we cannot fit into our days;
And nothing's left at all that joyous dwells
Inside the heart. The spark of spirit stays
Too small for dreamburst, and all earth may prove
Inadequate for art. No human is
This potent all alone, and fear kills love….
Love kills fear, and alone: all-potent, this.
No human is inadequate for art,
For dreamburst; and all earth may prove too small.
The spark of spirit stays inside the heart
That joyous dwells, and nothing's left at all
We cannot fit into our days. We find
For faith and miracles, sufficient time.

John M Ford

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