Babar "Bob" Barazani

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Name Babar Barazani Aliases Bob Barazani
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate August 15, 1968 Age 51
Height 6'2" Build Fit-ish
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Raytech
Employment Raytech - Head of Security/Kaylee's occasional bodyguard
Parents Unknown Siblings He has some
Marital Status Married Children Several
First Scene Missed Understanding Last Scene
Profile His military skills, his competent nature, and his gruff – often blunt — attitude earned Bob a place on Raytech’s security. His continued dedication and ability to deal with all the crap the Ray siblings get into has earned him a place as Head of Raytech security. Though that doesn't stop him from occasionally stepping in to protect Kaylee Thatcher when she needs someone. He feels he is the only one that can really protect her, except for the last head of Security.
Babar "Bob" Barazani
portrayed by

Steven Bauer
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If you need Bob for a scene, contact either Kaylee and Luther.

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