Elizabeth "Blue" Dumont

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Name Elizabeth Dumont Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) (MIL) Ability Telepathic Charm
Gender Female
Birthdate July 24th, 1984 Age 34
Height 5'6" Build 126 lbs
Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence The Bunker
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Operation-Geopoint-Part-IV Last Scene
Elizabeth "Blue" Dumont
portrayed by

Margot Robbie



Known To Most

  • Former defense lawyer in New York City, now disbarred due to discovery of her ability.

Known To Some

Known To Few

Law: Although she has been disbarred Blue still has a background in law, she went to school for it, has a degree that is mostly useless to her now. Even still she does her best to continue to remain up to date on the ever changing landscape of legalities in the current world.

Debate: Blue is capable of debating any side of a topic, removing her personal feelings from the discussion in order to debate facts, figures, statistics. She's well spoken, able to come across as being well educated on a subject even if her education on it is last minute and quick.

Hand to Hand: As part of her new life, ever since the Second Civil War, she has dedicated herself to learning how to defend herself with more than just words. She realized that sometimes words aren't enough, and while she isn't as excellent as it as some, she manages to be just good enough to keep herself above water.

Philosophy: This was her undergraduate major, she is fully versed in the classics, the big names the game, as well as some of the lesser known entities. She is able to apply her knowledge and understanding of philosophy to her day-to-day life.

Intelligence: As part of her continued training she has been learning the fine arts of the intelligence work. How to set a trail on someone, trace their movements, how to plant a bug, or a camera in someone's home or person.

Counter-Intelligence: Part and parcel to learning how to track someone, follow them, or otherwise plant devices for surveillance is the training to detect that. To watch for tails, to check for bugs, make sure that someone hasn't gotten into any of your electronic devices and either planted viruses or pulled out information.

Interrogation: With her skill set she has begun expanding her skill set with interrogation, using the basis of questioning witnesses on the stand or taking depositions while still practicing law. She's learned how to read the individual, how to lean into it with her ability to get the information that is required.

Firearms: Blue is not an expert in the use of standard firearms or the Banshee handgun, but she has basic proficiency and has been able to pass any of the accuracy tests to get clearance as proficient.

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