Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate August 21 Age 45
Height 5'4" Build Average
Eyes Light Brown Hair Brown
Residence NYC Safezone (house with Raquelle Cambria and children)
Employment The Safezone Cooperative
Parents Aaron Smith
Monica Rodriguez
Siblings None
Marital Status Single (Engaged to Raquelle) Children Billy Jean Cambria and Diana Bene Cambria (informal guardianship, adoption yet to be legalized)
First Scene To Have Your Cake Last Scene
Profile Once a cop, Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith 'fell from grace' when he made a mistake as a sniper in the NYPD. Life got even worse when "The Bomb" caused him catastrophical physical burns; Kayla saved his life. He became embittered and withdrawn, moving to the K-9 unit, with few friends who were not dogs. Since then, however, he fell in love with a young Evolved man, Raquelle, fought in the war, and joined a faction that has the word 'Cooperative' in its name. Anybody can change.
Bolivar Rodriguez-Smith
portrayed by

Misha Collins

Seven long years I looked for you.
I wore seven pairs of iron shoes.
I ate seven loaves of iron bread.
I climbed seven iron mountains
until I reached this shore.

Here, it is always summer.
Here, the grass is soft underfoot, plums
and peaches fall sweet and ripe
right into our outstretched hands.
We lie at night on sheets edged with lace.

Why is it I cannot sleep?
I lie on the royal pillows,
the wind of your breath rises and falls,
a sliver of moon travels over the hills,
and I wait for sleep to come.

When I dream, I am on that road once more.
I follow a trail of purpose and will,
my legs are strong, and you
my dear are the moon
on the distant horizon.

I know iron. I know its weight. Its taste.
The rise and fall
of black, black hills.
Seven long years I looked for you.
Now I'm lost in this gentle green land.

Johnny Clewell



Known to Most

  • Engaged to marry Raquelle Cambria and legally adopt Billy Jean and Diane Cambria. This will be his second marriage.
  • Member of the Safe Zone Cooperative.
  • Former New York City Police Department officer, a disgraced sniper who killed a 12-year-old Evolved child prior to "the Bomb," and later a K-9 officer working in narcotics.
  • 25% of his body is badly, visibly burn-scarred due to the Bomb, as he was almost killed by the explosion.
  • Fought in the Second American Civil War on as part of the Resistance, and testified minimally during the Albany Trials.

Known to Some

  • Was previously explicitly bigoted/racist against the Evolved.
  • His fiancee is an unregistered SLC-Expressive. Raquelle is a prominent member of the community as of 2019 and partly responsible for his change of heart.
  • Aside from Raquelle, Kayla Reid, a Registered Evolved, was one of his few friends following the Bomb. She may be credited both for saving his life with her healing ability, as well as representing an exception to his bigotry that allowed him to find love and change his attitude toward the SLC-E.
  • Experiences low-level chronic pain related to his scarring.
  • Still likes dogs more than people and retains asocial tendencies, but he's a lot easier to get along with now.

Known to Few

  • Bolivar's misanthropy, depression and anger were premorbid to the discovery of the Evolved, and more closely related to his parents' dysfunctional marriage and divorce, as well as stressors related to being biracial and a repressed homosexual.
  • His ex-wife divorced him after the Bomb because she knew he was gay before he did.


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