Brynn Ferguson

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Name Brynn Kathleen Ferguson Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A/B/C Chemical) (COM) Ability Chromakinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate 03/17/99 Age 20
Height 5'3" Build Slender
Eyes Grey Hair Brown
Parents None Siblings The Lighthouse
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Brynn is an art student who also does street art and tattoos. She is a former Lighthouse Kid who spent the war years in the Lighthouse/Ferry safehouses in Canada and is just now returning to NYC to meet up with the others. She is deaf and communicates though ASL or using her phone screen as a text editor (or a notebook she also keeps for emergencies).
Brynn Ferguson
portrayed by

Ryan Newman



Date Title Summary
02/19 Pickpockets and ShopNudgers Tuck works while Brynn gets robbed and Chess provides commentary.
02/21 Awkward Semi-Reunions A couple of former Ferry children who've never quite met before bump into one another.
02/22 Random Laundry Dancer Caspian's tagging a wall, and a couple of the Lighthouse Kids show up too!
02/23 The Man With the Van The first job of the day has Caspian meeting a familiar face and her brother.
Familiar Faces Lighthouse Kid runs into one the moms!
02/24 Aunt Gilly! The LH Kids get a visit from one of their 'moms,' only it's not exactly the best news.
02/25 Search for Friends The Lighthouse !Kids, their former guardian, and a new friend set out to help Hailey find her lost loved ones.
02/26 Is This An Evolved Squid? Lance drops a squid on Joe's head. Brynn laughs. And they all make a new friend in Silvia.
02/27 Today's Forecast Fabulous Lighthouse Kids on an exploratory jaunt through Red Hook discover a hairdresser and new friends while dragging old friends along for the ride.
03/02 Hope Towers Cleanup An apartment building is being cleaned up by the Safe Zone Collective. Caspian does electric, Brynn does cleanup, Raquelle takes notes.
Dig Those Crazy Cats at the Cradle Brynn checks in on Aunt Eve and fixes her cat problem.
03/08 The Art of Beauty Caspian and Brynn talk art and other things.
Run, Joe, Run Are siblings the bane of your existence or something to be grateful for? Answer: Yes.
03/09 Use Your Words A friendly gathering gets a bit tense at an unexpected display of powers.
03/10 Miss Communications In which Cesar rescues a young woman from Regina George and the Plastics, and has a chat with her via the old skool texting format.
03/11 We're the New Ferry??? Brynn can get on board with that!
Guess Who Came to Dinner? Dinner is served for the Lighthouse kids and others!
03/12 Potential Hangout Discovered! After the Sunday meal, Brynn and Caspian talk about his building. Squeaks comes and eats.
03/15 Marked With No Ink Brynn finally follows up on the business card Lance gave her. Gainful employment!
03/19 Lighthouse Puppy Pile Some of the usual suspects are absent, new ones have come to take their place. But sometimes, the puppy pile is the only way to handle trauma.
03/26 Graffiti Approved by Owner Cas and Brynn are working on Raquelle's salon again.
03/27 A Meeting of Like Minds Not really. But books are a fantastic common ground to start with.
03/29 Oh Hai, Nobody Told You? The Lighthouse Kids haven't been keeping the whole crew up to date — on all fronts!
03/30 Far and Away A group of friends go somewhere they shouldn't and find something they wish they hadn't.
03/31 Minor Dislocation After a harrowing adventure, Brynn makes it back to the Safe Zone gates, worse for wear but thankfully amidst friendly faces once more.
04/01 Visiting Hours Are Over Brynn calls the only person she knows that can get her out of the hospital.
04/03 The Temporary Lighthouse As hurt as they are, the LHK are pulling together… but they don't want to worry mom or the aunts! So Caspian inherits three of them.
04/04 Magic Will Happen! Or so Raquelle claims when he attempts to explain "Spa Day" to kids who've never HEARD of mani-pedis! Brian, you got some 'splainin' to do when Raq catches you.
04/06 Aunt Kaylee vs The Fear Monger The Lighthouse Kids seek out one of their many Aunts to purge the terror lurking since that fateful day in the ruins…
04/17 Antiques Roadshow Squeaks visits Caspian and the Lighthouse Kids with a videocassette she found in the sewers from…somewhere different.
Cthulhu Ate The Video Star The fallout of viewing the demon-possessed tape Squeaks brought back from the Underneath leads the intrepid group of young people to seek help from two grown-ups well versed in dealing with Weird Stuff.
05/10 What Does Normal Even Mean? For two kids who grew up in the aftermath of a war, how do you even figure out what normal is supposed to look like?
05/14 Typically Atypical When you're not the typical young adult or adolescent, you do atypical things. Like discuss the ancient sewers beneath the city.
05/26 Not A Normal Day Owain finally runs into a friendly face — and ends up having a breakdown as a result.
05/27 Goonies Never Say Die Their intent was to start mapping the sewers. Maybe they should have taken the warnings about the sewers a little more seriously.
05/28 If Woody Had Gone Straight to the Police After their ordeal in the sewers, the Lighthouse Kids contact the authorities about what they've found.
Three Hour Tour Lance, Brynn, and Squeaks return with a tale of their fateful trip. And Joe comes home, too!
06/02 Who's There? Surprise visits are welcome, just let us know ahead of time!
06/09 Who You Gonna Call? A group of teenagers make plans to embark on a dangerous journey to rid the Underneath of rats.
06/14 Dad Did It Owain tells Brynn the truth…and ends up with a date after the fact?
07/11 The Heart of Darkness A pair of SESA agents cross paths with former Lighthouse wards on the precipice of a dread secret.
07/25 Something Different Jubilation over Squeaks' discoveries is put on hold as the now-grown Lighthouse Kids begin coming to terms with how things have changed since childhood.
07/27 Thought Bubbles Breakfast time usually brings food, but it also brings some thoughts — not all of them happy ones.
I'll Stand By You After seeing Brynn upset earlier in the day, Squeaks finds her that evening to make sure she's okay.
08/04 Corny Brynn and Owain (finally) have a first date, and it doesn't go as planned.
Pink Glitter Hair Own it. You screwed up. It is coming.
08/20 The Long Way 'Round After a few stops along the way, Squeaks makes it back to the eldest Lighthouse Kids.
08/26 Interesting Faces If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's faces and the stories they tell that Brynn finds lovely.
08/29 A Scene at the Market This one is just what it says on the tin.
09/11 An Unexpected Party Emily decides to not celebrate her birthday alone. She didn't realize how NOT alone that would end up being.
09/15 Secret Messages A book that talks in code and asks for help… Lance and Brynn thinks it's not good, Squeaks might disagree a little bit.
09/17 Cryptography Cryp·tog·ra·phy (krip' tä ɡrə fē) n. the art of writing or solving codes.
09/22 Name Your Price Keira gets a new tattoo from Brynn.
10/03 Tattooed Memories Foster sisters get a little time together.
10/17 Ding Dong -- Dog Hailey drops in uninvited to give Brynn something she's missing. Ears.
10/22 Yamagato Matsuri -- Opening Ceremony Yamagato Industries kicks off their fall celebration with an outstanding fireworks display.
10/24 Flashing Lights Aren't Always UFOs Some days she'd rather the UFOs.
10/29 Surprise, Gillian! The LHK put together a surprise birthday party.
11/10 Code Talkers Just because it's Saturday morning doesn't mean there's not work to be done and mysteries to solve!
11/18 Snowball Games After a heavy snow, some Safe Zone residents take advantage of the winter wonders while they last.
11/20 More of the Gang Arrives Lighthouse Kids are starting to converge on New York again.
11/29 A Present for Everyone The Lighthouse gang joins Weasel on a shopping spree.
12/02 The Art of Being Fabulous Brynn arranges for Emily to meet Raquelle, who wastes no time in helping her feel more comfortable with herself.
12/28 No Boys Allowed Uncovering some boardgames, Squeaks capitalizes on their discovery to throw together an impromptu game night. Brynn, Squeaks, and Emily spend some time catching up.


Sign Languages: American Sign Language was taught to her from the time she was an infant. The Ferry had several children who needed it, and it became a common thing to see all the kids chattering away silently. In addition to being fluent in this language, the children began — as children will — to make up their OWN sign language. Lighthouse Cant is something known literally only to the children who were raised within the Ferry's embrace during a certain period of years under Brian's watchful eye. The Cant is further modified by the addition of Wasteland Cant, which was brought back from the future by Adel, a time-displaced Lighthouse Kid herself.

Lip-reading: This skill is highly useful, but it's also limited. Brynn is adept enough to catch the general jist of what someone is saying if they speak clearly (and don't try to over-enunciate), but people with heavy accents or those to frame their words differently than usual (speech impediments, Brits, people who think that because she's deaf she's somehow stupid and needs them to speak really slowly, etc) she has trouble with. She can usually decipher, but it may take a couple of attempts. She carries a small notebook and pen in her pocket for the times when she just can't figure it out, so that people (and she) can write down what needs to be said.

Art: Brynn is an incredible sketch artist and painter. This is not actually an effect of her powers — she merely has a talent for it. She has made money on the streets doing sketches, caricatures, and sidewalk art once in a while, but the Keepers have encouraged her to attend college for an art degree. In the meantime, she does tattoos for money now, using her sketching ability to create them and her Evo ability to bring them to life without requiring needles.

Firearms: Although nowhere near expert at such things, a great many of the kids who grew up in the Lighthouse have at least a passing familiarity with firearms. She's not a great shot, but she definitely knows which end is which, how to break it down and care for it, and can most of the time hit what she aims at. She prefers not to handle weapons, however, given that she can never be certain of not accidentally shooting someone who surprises her.

People-watcher: Not being able to hear tends to mean that Brynn pays very close attention to the people around her. Generally, it's just watching for mannerisms and reactions — cues for what's happening when she doesn't catch the entirety of a conversation. But because she has an artist's eye for detail, she has also learned along the way the value of people-watching for her own self-protection — namely, the microexpressions that indicate when someone is making fun of her while trying to look like they're not, or lying to her face about something. She's by no stretch an expert at it, but she has a good eye for when people are acting a little 'off' even when she can't pinpoint what exactly that 'off' thing is about. She will tend to assume the best in the people she meets, though, and give the benefit of the doubt.


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