Zachariah Byrne

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Name Zachariah Darren Byrne Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A/B/C Kinetic) (LE) Ability Thermal Conduction
Gender Male
Birthdate August 4, 1972 Age 48
Height 6' 1" Build Athletic
Eyes Blue Hair Brown/white
Residence Washington K.C.
Bay Ridge
Employment US Secret Service
SESA Field Agent, Fort Jay
Parents Logan Byrne (Father)
Sandra Byrne (Mother)
Siblings Nathaniel Byrne (Brother)
Allison Byrne (Sister in law)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Pink Slip Last Scene
Profile Special Agent Byrne has served in the United States Secret Service since 2009, serving the Petrelli, Mitchell, and Praeger administrations. He was a deputy US marshal from 1994–2009, serving as a member of the Special Operations Group until 1998, when he took a position in the Office of Protective Operations, providing personal security for the deputy attorney general and secretary of education. He currently alternates between protective detail and teaching for the Department of Defense’s new Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and the new Secret Service Academy in the Washington, K.C. area.
Zachariah Byrne
portrayed by
Anson Mount


Physical Fitness Byrne has kept himself in peak physical condition throughout his life, a requirement for admission to both the USMA and the USSS. He maintains a fitness routine focusing on endurance and aerobics.
Investigations Investigations are integral to both Byrne’s lifelong careers. Though his primary duties focused on protection, he is trained and practiced in investigations both solo and in collaboration with local and federal investigative bodies.
Special Weapons and Tactics Byrne is trained in group special tactics from his time in the USMS SOG. He is proficient with the use of ballistic armor, shields, and weaponry including batons, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, rifles (automatic and scoped). It has been many years since he took part in a tactical operation, but he has kept his firearms skills well honed.
Protective Operations The focus of much of Byrne’s career has been providing close protection to various government officials in any environment. He is an authority in the field of defensive tactics, protective theory, and maintains up to date knowledge of advances in the field of security.
Security Clearance Byrne underwent intense background investigations, and has maintained Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information clearance for 22 years.
Surveillance Detection and Avoidance Byrne can spot and shake a tail easily on foot or by vehicle, and knows where to look for bugs in a room he’s securing.
Advanced Driving Techniques Byrne can operate a motor vehicle with above-average skill in a variety of emergencies, terrains, and vehicles.
Emergency Medicine Providing emergency care to injured charges requires Byrne to remain trained in emergency medicine, though he’s less proficient than an average EMT.
Grappling Since his ability manifested, Byrne has been learning how to best make use of it in a combat scenario. While he is by no means an expert, he can now use his ability in close combat.


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