Calvin Sheridan

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Name Calvin Sheridan Aliases Calvin Rosen
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) Ability Metallokinesis
Gender Male
Birthdate 12/12/2012 Age 35
Height 5'11" Build Rowdy
Eyes Blue Hair Ginger
Residence Ruins of the Bronx
Employment Self-Employed
Parents Bella Sheridan
Flint Deckard
Siblings Amadeus (half)
Baxter (half)
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Scene N/A Last Scene N/A
Profile Vagabond, time traveler, liar and lately: terrorist. Infamous for extremist methodology and gospel, he's been having a go at murdering guilty humans the current government gave a pass, or hasn't gotten around to arresting.
Calvin Sheridan
portrayed by

Tim Minchin


Trivia, Notes and Hooks

Known to many:

  • Earned notoriety (read: infamy) with Benji through terrorist tactics they utilized together to destroy and demoralize enemy units during the second civil war. Calvin’s reputation is especially contentious — useful as he was, to this day, many of his more straight-laced allies prefer to associate with him under the table if at all. See background for elaboration.
  • Took it upon himself to execute one of Mitchell’s captured military advisers on the street as the adviser was being transferred out of police custody in 2015 - wanted for murder accordingly.
  • Works with Benji and other like-minded extremists to track down and slay remaining members of Team Mitchell, going so far as to snatch them from the jaws of the government and contractors like Wolfhound.

Known to some:

  • Traveled back in time to 2010 from a wasteland iteration of the year 2040 with a team intent on making changes for the better. Calvin kept several secrets from his comrades along the way, not the least of which was his more militant ideology concerning ends and means. He was distrusted by some of the others from the start — not everyone was happy to see him on the time travel set list.
  • Assisted with recovery efforts on the west coast after the bombs dropped

Known to very few:

  • A ward of the Institute until age 17
  • Fully impaled through the torso by a sentrybot on an Institute mission gone awry in 2029, rescued and stabilized by the Ferry
  • Ran a pirate radio station out of Midtown for many years after
  • Manifested relatively late at age 27, possibly due to being tampered with while being raised in Institute custody
  • Killed Billy Jean in 2039
  • Helped to orchestrate the release of a strain of the H5N10 virus engineered to target non-evos in 2010
  • Was never born in this timeline


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