Camilla Ball

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Name Camilla Ball Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Telekinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate September 9, 2001 Age 20
Height 5'5" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment N/A
Parents Susan Ball
Jacob Ball †
Siblings Deceased
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Doom Comes to Providence Last Scene
Profile Camilla Ball is a troubled young woman with a vendetta and a powerful ability she does not have as much control over as she might like. She is, not incidentally, the daughter of the late Susan Ball (who was murdered while in the witness protection program). Following her mother's death, she fled west and fell in with the misfits of the Sedro-Woolley colony and then eventually migrated back east to Providence. One day she will settle that score — if she can only figure out the identity of her mother's killer. After the fire that swept through Providence, Camilla fled into the Dead Zone with Greg and the remnants of his Sentinel paramilitary group.
Camilla Ball
portrayed by

Katelyn Nacon
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