Carol Praeger

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Expressive Database

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Name Carol Praeger Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Biological) Ability Virus Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate April 20 Age 57
Height 5'6" Build Slight
Eyes Blue Hair White
Residence Kansas City
Employment Board member of Hope For America
Parents Isak Fischer (deceased)
Elizabeth Fischer (deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Married to Raymond Praeger Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile First Lady of the United States, Carol Praeger spent several years prior as a comatose Institute asset. Since her quiet return to the public sphere, she worked alongside her husband to depose Mitchell's regime. Now, alongside her FLOTUS duties, she works with the Hope For America thinktank organisation which helped to develop the new Registry for SLC-Expressive individuals.
Carol Praeger
portrayed by

Meryl Streep


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