Cassi Hayes

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Name Cassandra Marlene Hayes Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Space-Time Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate May 3, 1994 Age 25
Height 5' 10" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Dark Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Unknown Siblings Dahlia Hayes (sister)
Marital Status Unknown Children Unknown
First Scene Eclipse Last Scene
Profile Cassi Hayes is a former prisoner of the Commonwealth Institute. She was liberated from the Commonwealth Arcology in 2011 but was split up from her sister when in Ferrymen custody to avoid capture by the government. Following the war there are only two pieces of data remaining on Cassi Hayes. They come from Ferry records from the time between the EMP and the end of the war. Hayes was listed as "missing" along with twenty-six other safe house residents when the operator of the Phoenix, AZ safe house "Hollow Hills" completed an exodus to Calgary, Alberta with the remainder of the wards under his care in January of 2014. The Ferrymen never determined Cassi's fate. In 2016 someone in Clovis, NM someone used a pre-war debit card registered in Cassi's name to make a withdrawal of $55 (the entire checking accounts balance) from an ATM. The ATM camera data did not return conclusive information. Cassi Hayes' whereabouts are unknown to this date.
Cassi Hayes
portrayed by
Maisie Richardson-Sellers
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