Cesar Diaz

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Cesar William Diaz Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate February 14, 1984 Age 36
Height 6'2" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Red Hook, NY Safe Zone
Employment SESA
Parents Joseph William Diaz
Shani Diaz Labadie
Siblings William Donell Diaz (deceased)
Asea Celia Diaz
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene On Your Left Last Scene
Profile Cesar is a SESA field agent who joined the agency after serving with the NYPD. He's known for a strong sense of justice and serving the needs of the community, making sure the People's rights are protected, and can't help but make sure people are taken care of (in the good way).
Cesar Diaz
portrayed by

Ricky Whittle

El que nada debe, nada teme;

el que mal anda, mal acaba.

Proverbios 10:9



Known to Most

  • Cesar was an officer in the NYPD for almost a decade. He joined shortly after the Midtown Man bomb in 2006 took the life of his brother, William Donell "WD40" Diaz. Overall, his file is positive although there was some negative blowback during the 2nd Civil War when he disagreed with his superiors. He was also known to go on a foot chase after a suspect without qualm, even when the suspect was possibly Evolved. Perhaps especially when the suspect was Evolved.
  • He works out on the regular to keep fit and stay strong, but also so he can look good. After all, why not?

Known to Some

  • When he can, Cesar is a willing volunteer for Safe Zone Cooperative events.
  • He teaches the occasional cooking class at The Benchmark, specialized in Caribbean cuisines.
  • He can make a mean cafecito.
  • Cesar applied to Yale but didn't make it in. Instead, calls SCSU his alma mater and at one point was a forward on the men's ice hockey team.
  • His family is alive and their restaurant in New Haven is still open. Even though the food is rationed and more Survival Soup-Kitchen-y than Caribbean cuisine these days, they keep the place going as only immigrants who get the job done know how. His younger sister Asea is currently in school to be a nurse.

Known to Few

  • Cesar's iPod is a 5th generation 80GB model, black. It was a moving away present from his parents. Don't fuck with it.


Bearer of the fanciest prosthetic limb he's ever seen and some of the sharpest sass and smoothest moves, Monica is an impressive woman to Cesar all around. She might seem distant at times, figuratively as much as literally, but he likes to be there when she's around to bring her back around, if she needs. And, naturally, if she has needs. Custom Ringtone: La Negra tiene tumba'o
The first Evo he's personally met with precog ability, and though he doesn't doubt the last, they always say you never forget your first precog. He still doesn't know what the horse is a metaphor for, but that doesn't stop him from being amused by the seer.
A sharp mind and ear, compassion for the residents of the Safe Zone young and old, generous hostess and no small dose of wit makes Tasha a woman who Cesar is glad to be in the good graces of.
An everpresent respect and gratitude for the man who is willing to teach the next generations how not to repeat the mistakes of the past. His earnest demeanor and gentle patience are things to be respected as well. Custom Ringtone: Hips Don't Lie
A woman with many great ideas, sense of humor, generous heart, and common sense perspective of SLC-Expressives.


Aftermath Logs For Cesar


  • Police Training: Cesar has several years of experience working as an officer of the NYPD. He started off as a beat cop in some tough neighborhoods, and was getting close to making detective-investigator before the country went south. He kept up his training regularly with brush-up courses and challenged himself with trickier to handle situations.
  • Guns: He's not any expert sharpshooter but he's kept up his training with the types of guns used in the force and is comfortable handling a range of firearms.
  • Languages: Cesar grew up in a multilingual household that spoke mainly Spanish, though his is not entirely fluent. He also picked up a bit of French from his mother and some study during college.
  • Culinary: Worked at his parents' Caribbean cuisine restaurant as a server and a cook. Beware, he will feed you.
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