Chase Kjelstrom

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Name Chase Kjelstrom Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Unmanifested
Gender Female
Birthdate October 17, 1999 Age 21
Height 5' 6" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Brown (Dyed Pink)
Residence Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Employment Unemployed
Parents Else Kjelstrom (mother; deceased)
Unknown (father)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Shattered Skies Last Scene
Profile Chase Kjelstrom is the estranged daughter of the late prophetic musician Else Kjelstrom. After years of debating digging into her family history, growing concern over her SLC-Expressive status has brought her to the United States to find out what she can about her mother from the people who knew her best.
Chase Kjelstrom
portrayed by
Roisin Donald
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