Francesca "Chess" Lang

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Name Francesca Liling Lang Aliases Yīngsù
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) (COM) Ability Kinetic Manipulation
Kinetic Absorption
Life Force Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate December 13, 1993 Age 27
Height 5'5" Build 125
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde (At the moment)
Residence The Clocktower Building, Red Hook
Employment Deveaux Society
Parents Adoptive: Winston & Thao Lang
Adam: progenitor
Joy: progenitor
Siblings sisters Alix, Vi †, and Val;
identical sisters Kimberly & Lanhua (presumed †);
half sisters Niki †, Squeaks, Barbara † and Tracy Strauss
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene M*A*S*H Last Scene
Profile Chess Lang is a young veteran of the Civil War, where she was a powerful resource due to the destructive power of her ability, kinetic manipulation. The cynical and still grief-stricken young woman has since come to the New York Safe Zone to help clear it for its revitalization.
Francesca "Chess" Lang
portrayed by

Chloe Bennet

We live and we die
Like fireworks
We pull apart the dark
Compete against the stars
With all of our hearts
Til our temporary brilliance turns to ash
We pull apart the darkness while we can



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Known by Many

  • Chess was a strong freedom fighter, sometimes dubbed "Boomer" (Thanks, Eve), with a knack for explosives and archery (and both, combined) during the Civil War, starting out in Colorado and gradually making her way eastward. She was one of the troops at Raven Rock.
  • She has helped in the Safe Zone by using her ability as a demos expert.
  • Many mistake her for her sister Lanhua unfortunately.
  • She was present at Detroit in February 2020.

Known by Some

  • Chess was heavily affected by the death of her boyfriend Miles at Raven Rock and disassociated herself from many of her fellow soldiers and friends. Among her most cherished belongings, almost always with her, is a faded, yellowed, and dog-eared paperback of Immanuel Kant's writings that had belonged to Miles.
  • Prior to March 2020, she only worked by short-term contract, preferring not to align herself with any corporations.
  • Chess was at Detroit for the strange occurrences in February 2020, aligned with Adam Monroe and Praxis, though she was not charged with any crimes.

Known by Few

  • She's a clone made with Adam Monroe's DNA, as well as Yaeko/Joy's.
  • She is a member of the less-public side of the Deveaux Society.


  • War Stories She may have fought with (or against?) you in the war.
  • Boomer She's a demos "expert," if you need one (and you'll save on the cost of supplies).
  • Pour One Out She has a less-than-healthy way of dealing with her problems at times.


alix_icon.gif IX: Arrested. Chess saved her life and it seems that she saved Chess'. She is now truly her sister and best friend. Clairvoyance.
ivy_icon.gif IV: Deceased. Her would-be assassin and eventual ally. Kinetic Absorption.
val_icon.gif V: Unknown whereabouts. Val's a bit more like Alix in temperament, which made Chess sympathize more with her than the other two. She seemed more sad than volatile. Teleportation.
vi_icon.gif VI: Deceased. Before her death, there was some resentment still on Vi's side that Chess could sense. Chess will feel guilty about her death for a long time. Molecular Disintegration.
kimberly_icon.gif Kimbo: Her identical and similar in power, Kimbo is probably the least like Chess, but Chess loves her for her differences. She's happy one of the 27 seems to have had a good life. Kinetic Redistribution.
lanhua_icon.gif Checkers: Presumed Dead. Her evil twin, too literally. Lanhua keeps doing terrible things and letting Chess take the fall. Too fucking many.


While she isn't going to win an Olympic gold for archery, Chess is a proficient archer. She first learned how at summer camp as a child; during the war, someone had the brilliant idea of equipping her with their hunting bow to see what damage she could do by charging the arrows before shooting them. It helps that her power can increase the distance and speed, but even without her ability, she's a good shot.



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