Claire Bennet

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Name Claire Bennet Aliases Claire Butler
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) Ability Regeneration
Gender Female
Birthdate April 10, 1989 Age 31
Height 5'1" Build


Eyes Green Hair Blonde
Residence Snoqualmie
Employment Guardians

Nathan Petrelli (biological father/deceased?)
Meredith Gordon (biological mother)
Noah Bennet (adoptive father)
Sandra Bennet (adoptive mother/deceased)

Siblings Lyle Bennet (adoptive brother/deceased)
Simon and Monty Petrelli (half-brothers)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Time to Have it Out Last Scene
Profile Given a second chance at life, she isn't wasting it… This means Claire is learning how to live all over again.
Claire Bennet
portrayed by

Hayden Panettiere


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Thanks to her time as a cheerleader as a foundation, Claire is fairly athletic. Light-footed and agile, she can tumble and turn cartwheels. More importantly, she has kept herself in shape with jogging and various other cardiovascular exercises. Some of this is helped along with her ability as any torn or pulled muscles are healed quickly.

RP Hooks

  • Former PARIAH.
  • Former ENDGAME
    • Her and her clone were very active with ENDGAME up until the fall of the ARK.
  • Was a 'guest' of the ARK.
    • !Cardinal kept her captive to use her and protect her.
  • She had a Clone… Maybe you knew her?
    • Claire might not remember you, but you might remember… or at least her clone.
  • Fought in the Civil War.
    • You might have fought along side her at one point. Seen her killed, only to rise again.
  • Part of Wolfhound.


The Teacher The War Hero The Telepath The Goofball
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