Colette Demsky

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Name Colette Elizabeth Demsky Aliases Colette Elizabeth Nichols
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) (LE) Ability Photokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate October 31, 1991 Age 29
Height 5' 6" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Black
Residence 64 S. 4th Street, Williamsburg
Employment NYPD-SCOUT
Parents Judah Demsky (Adoptive Father, Deceased)
Richard Nichols (Father, Deceased; Disowned)
Evangeline Nichols (Mother, Deceased; Disowned)
Siblings Nicole Varlane (sister)
Marital Status Tamara Brooks (partner)
Tasha Renard-Lazzaro (partner)
Children None
First Scene Leave the Past Behind Last Scene
Profile Colette Demsky has retired from Wolfhound and now protects the Safe Zone as an NYPD-SCOUT Detective.
Colette Demsky
portrayed by
Wallis Day
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Colette's adult romantic life is dedicated to two women with whom she shares a mutual partnership. Tasha and Tamara are enduring beacons of hope and adoration in Colette's life. She lives for them and the life they've built together in the aftermath. Though they are not legally married, Colette considers both of them life-long partners.
tamara_icon.gif Words alone can't explain their relationship. Colette is inexorably tied to Tamara in the way planets are to the sun. But she is also forever in the seer's orbit simply because she chooses to be, thereby predestining her relationship. The unconditional love that Tamara has for Colette is reciprocated through the intensity of their relationship and the deeply woven history they share. The two have been together for just shy of a decade, since Colette was a teenager, and they have survived tumult both personal and societal, saved one-another's lives, and always returned to each other no matter the distance. Colette trusts Tamara in the way other people profess faith in a higher power, and loves her deeply.
tasha_icon.gif Colette met Tasha through their work with the Ferrymen in 2010 during the height of the H5N10 crisis. She was immediately drawn to Tasha and after saving her life in a raid for medicine gone awry, fell madly in love with the young artist. Tasha and Colette connect in a way that is symbiotic and effortless. They share emotions easily, intensely, and intimately. They are remarkably in-synch with one-another's feelings and have dedicated themselves to each other time and again. Tasha is Colette's overflowing capacity to love. She is reciprocal, complimentary, and enduring. Colette loves Tasha ferociously and with a fiery intensity that has not faded over the years.
Name Location Description
Helix Left bicep A red and blue watercolor DNA double helix that represents Colette's photikinesis ability and her pride at being Evolved.
Paused Pulse Neck, left side A stylized EKG pulse line interrupted by a semicolon. This tattoo symbolizes Colette's time as a prisoner of the Institute and covers up a scar over her carotid artery where amphodynamine was directly introduced into her blood stream. This tattoo represents her brush with death and battle with depression as well as the new direction her life took afterward.
Three Left hand Three stylized and interlinked triangles representing herself, Tamara, and Tasha and the bond she strives to maintain in their lives.
Blue Butterfly Upper left chest Representing the symbolism of the butterfly effect and her own photokinetic power, she shares this tattoo (in inverted colors) with Tamara. It represents their close bond and Colette's life-long commitment to her.
Watercolor Fox Right shoulder This tattoo covers a bullet wound received when Colette took a bullet protecting Tasha's life. It represents her lifelong commitment to Tasha and her family name of "Renard"
Forest of Birds Left forearm This tattoo represents Eileen and her death defending Pollepel Island and the rest of the Ferrymen.
Manhattan Skyline Right forearm A single line silhouette of the Manhattan skyline as it was prior to the civil war. Below the skyline is a line of text that reads, "103008 whatever happens is from now on." The date represents the official date she was adopted by her father Judah and the phrase represents that she feels her life truly began on that day.
Watercolor Fish Inside Right Forearm A blue watercolor fish tattoo that pairs with one Tasha possesses. The color blue represents Tasha to Colette and the fish is in memory of the time they painted part of the Ferrymen mural together.
Wendigo Skull Right Shoulder Blade A black stag skull with full antlers. Colette got this tattoo when she was granted leadership of Wolfhound's Strike Team Wendigo.
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