Thomas Cooper

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Thomas Ray Cooper Aliases Guy Gergenblatt
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate July 31, 1978 Age 43
Height 5'9" Build Fit
Eyes Light Hazel Hair Dark Brown
Residence New York Safe Zone
Employment SESA - Agent
Parents Ray Cooper Jr. (Dad)
Mary Cooper (Mom)
Siblings Tad Cooper
Marital Status First Ex-Wife: Maggie the High School Sweetie
Second Ex-Wife: Daisy the Stripper
Totally Single and not really looking, maybe.
Children Ellen Cooper (21) (Adoptable)
First Scene Conflicted Interests Last Scene
Profile A goofball, but a good guy, who just wants to see this new world be a good one for his daughter. He's the type of guy that tries to see the best in every situation, even when he lost his leg to a bomb.
Thomas Cooper
portrayed by

Paul Rudd


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Yup! I'm A Cop!

Not only did he have academy training, Cooper has many years under his belt. From traffic investigation to defensive driving; various forms of defense to how to effectively cuff a person and to doing FSTs (Field Sobriety Test, which covers drugs and drinking). Training is ongoing as there is always this or that that needs to be updated or refreshed. He's got over a decade in the profession under his belt.

He has been both a Homicide and a Narcotics detective. So he's had training in both.

UnderCover Dossier

Ther are times that require that Cooper go undercover…. As more opportunities come up, I will add… if there are more.

These are the TOP SECRET (Maybe) files of Thomas Cooper's Undercover Identities.~

RP Hooks:

  • He was a detective with the NJPD, the NYPD, and Homeland Security. Now he works for SESA.
  • He was a smuggler in the resistance. Occasionally goes to the veterans meetings.
  • He likes donuts. No really… he does.
  • He works out. Gym, running… He has to work off those donuts!
  • Loves kids.
  • Not unusual to see him out in the bars.
  • He'll have physical and mental therapy now, might run into him at the hospital or even Benchmark.


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