Corbin Ayers

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Name Corbin Ayers Aliases Harvey Marx
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate July 15, 1975 Age 45
Height 5'10" Build Medium
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Phoenix Heights, NYC-SZ
Employment SESA
Parents Nathan Ayers
Rebecca Ayers
Siblings Cooper Ayers
Moira Ayers
Marital Status Cohabitating with Hokuto Ichihara's ghost Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Former reporter, former Company Agent, currently working for SESA. With a ghost haunting his dreams.
Corbin Ayers
portrayed by

Michael Weston
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Journalism: He knows how to write a story and how to get it out there, as well as how to fact check and interview. While he is no longer direction involved in Journalism, he's definitely still got the skills and the know-how. He doesn't write stories anymore, though.

Online: He used to work almost exclusively online. This gave him some basic knowledge of using the internet. Nothing fancy like hacking, but the ability to use search engines and some basic html.

Archives: He used to work in archives in the Company. He knows how to file paperwork and some basic filing systems. This includes computer archives and scanning, etc. But a lot of it had been paper.

Combat: While he wasn't originally a field agent and could have possibly been the worst ever Company agent possible, he does know how to use a handgun and some basic self-defense. He's not the best at either and he's only intentionally shot like two people in his entire life, and that was before the war. But he knows how to load, unload and use basic handguns.

Connections: Thanks to his journalism career, he had some connections that helped him do things like fake his own death. He also had connections through the Company affiliation, through Hokuto's old bookstore and other such things. He had connections with the old Ferry and many other people. He also met a lot of people through the Deveaux society.

Toy collecting: Okay this is mostly not serious, but Corbin has a toy collection, specifically toy cars and toy motorcycles. He saved them in a storage building in upstate New York before the Company fell, and moved them a few times before and after the war. But he also knows a lot about toy cars and motorcycles. Where they were made, how much they would be worth, etc. But never expect him to sell any of his.

Other: He knows some basic things like, driving. Cooking (he was a bachelor most his life) and other such basic things that most everyone knows. Don't expect him to make a living off of any of it, though.

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