Debra Hadden

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Name Debra Ruth Hadden Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate July 13, 1961 Age 60
Height 5'6" Build Fit
Eyes Blue Hair Grey/Blonde
Residence The Bastion
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Greg Hadden (father, deceased)
Ruth Hadden (mother, deceased)
Siblings Shirley Hadden
Marital Status Divorced Children Jane Thurston (deceased)
Ryan Thurston (MIA)
Unknown granddaughter (MIA)
First Scene Around the Block Last Scene
Profile She’s lost a daughter, worked counter-terrorism, and fought a war… Now she’s on to her next challenge.
Debra Hadden
portrayed by

Linda Hamilton


Scene Logs and More:

Character Logs


Working After Hours
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She might not have a special forces level of survival. Debra knows enough that she could survive in the wild or such situations. If she needed to, though a rougher climate could be detrimental at her age. Not that she’d admit it.

Trivia and Notes

  • Collects Pigs: Debra has a strange collection of pigs. Figures and one stuffed. When they were travelling across the country to New York. her daughter saw a pig figurine at a roadside vendor… It was wearing a sombrero. It made them both laugh and it was a bonding moment. Her mom bought it and after that her daughter started collecting pigs. After she died… Her mom kept collecting pig figurines.
  • Tragedy - Her daughter Jane is one of the 36.


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