Delia Ryans

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Name Delia Ryans Aliases Robin Bristow
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) Ability Dream Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate March 8, 1990 Age 30
Height 5'10" Build Trim
Eyes Blue Hair Red
Residence Safe Zone (Queens area)
Employment Satoru Memorial Garden
Parents Benjamin Ryans (Father)
Mary Ryans (Mother, Deceased)
Siblings Lucille Ryans (Sister)
Brad Russo (Brother)
Ingrid Ryans (Sister)
Phillipa Allyn Varlane (Sister)
Marital Status It's Complicated Children Benji Ryans
First Scene Ultimatums Last Scene
Profile As head of the community garden in the safe zone, Delia's position affords her a bit of luxury by way of charging others a take on their harvests…. except she never seems to have enough.
Delia Ryans
portrayed by

Rachelle Lefevre



Dreamscape Delia uses her ability off the books to help people close to her. If you are suffering from a mental illness, she might be able to help; this is particularly useful if you're trying to keep an addiction off the record. On the flip side, if someone is bothering you, she can make them go away for a while — it just costs, a lot.

Community Garden Delia runs the community garden like a Chicago mobster. She instead of renting a spot, she takes a cut of the harvests. It can get expensive but growing there is still cheaper than buying all of your food at the market, or worse, getting none at all.

Elmhurst It's been her home most of her life. She knows nearly every nook and cranny, if you're looking for a place to hide.


nick_icon.gif The root of every problem and the dawn of every solution. Delia and Nick have been loosely together for nearly a decade and their relationship has settled into a comfortable level of him being gone a lot and her living her own life. His phobia of commitment suits her just fine because she feels too young to settle down.
benji_icon.gif The entire reason Delia feels so happy with existence. In her eyes, Benji is perfection and there's no way she could improve on it. Her daughter is sweet, brave, kind, and simply wonderful. Delia keeps a room just for Benji in her house, no one else is allowed to use it.


February, 2018
When Where What Who
1 Ultimatums Nick's given one by Delia, good-natured as it may be. Nick
21 Doomsday Preppers When two egos clash, there isn't enough prep you can do. Jaiden
22 Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens Delia catches Nicole up on events over dinner. Nicole and Pippa
23 Between Us Amadeus visits the garden, spills a secret, and comes away with a prize. Amadeus
27 Something Wicked This Way Comes After a dreamwalker pulls unwilling participants into her nightmare, the favor is returned. Eve and Sibyl
28 Misbehaving Delia and Eve travel to Saint Margaret's School for Girls in search of answers after walking through a door that was better left closed. Eve and Sister Antonella
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