Donna Dunlap

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Name Donna Dunlap Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Superhuman Vision
Gender Female
Birthdate November 15, 1984 Age 33
Height 5' 7" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Anthony Dunlap (father; deceased)
Cathy Dunlap (mother; deceased)
Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children None
First Scene Skycastle, Part II Last Scene
Profile Donna Dunlap was an Institute spy within the Company and helped coordinate the fall of the Company and the massacre at Fort Hero. She later became Chief of Security for the Institute's west coast research division and disappeared following the fall of the Cambridge Arcology.
Donna Dunlap
portrayed by
Cassia Lara
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Book I Dossier

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