Christine Dowe

Chesterfield Act Registry of the Non-Expressive Database

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Name Christine Dowe Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate May 9th, 1976 Age 44
Height 5' 4" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence Washington KC
Employment Vice-President of the United States
Parents Norton Dowe (father; deceased)
Carolina Dowe (mother; deceased)
Siblings Brandon Dowe (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Halloween Gala, Gardens Last Scene
Profile Christine Dowe is a former FBI agent who leaked 2.7 gigs of classified government data on the Evolved Relocation Program in the week following the Cambridge Massacre. Dowe testified against Andrew Mitchell at his trial following the conclusion of the Civil War and is credited as having thrown gasoline on the fires of rebellion that led to the Civil War. She now serves as vice president in the Harding administration and is project oversight on the Office of External Investigations.
Christine Dowe
portrayed by
Keri Russell
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