René Dumortier

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Name René Dumortier Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Agrokinesis / Agrosynthesis
Gender Male
Birthdate September 3rd, 1987 Age 34
Height 5' 2" Build Slender
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence ???, NYC SZ
Creekside Cabin, Providence
Employment Agent Trainee, SESA
Self-Employed; Unofficial Consultation
Parents Father, estranged
Mother, dead
Siblings Several, estranged
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Connected Last Scene
Profile Rene Dumortier is a person on a wandering path with a troubled history and an uncertain future; he has taken up as an agent with SESA and remains a jack-of-all-trades, utilizing his ability and skills for better or worse. Whether or not this all works out, well, only time will tell.
René Dumortier
portrayed by

Erika Linder

"In nature there are neither rewards or punishments - there are consequences."

Robert Green Ingersoll

"Music has charms to soothe the savage breast; To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak."

William Congreve, The Mourning Bride, Act 1 Scene 1

"Ambition drove many men to become false; to have one thought locked in the breast, another ready on the tongue."

Sallust, The War with Catiline

"Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied."

Henry George

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

Hunter S. Thompson



  • Mack The Knife: Rene has a long history as a ne'er-do-well, which he'll always say is subjective. He has contacts some criminal circles still lingering from pre-civil war New York; it is no trouble adding people to the rolodex. He has experience with thievery, breaking and entering, lockpicking, pickpocketing, smuggling, running cons, money-laundering, white collar crimes, and so on. 'Collecting fees', if he had to. Most of his better past criminal connections were from Europe, largely France and the United Kingdom.
  • Roses Have Thorns: While he has no experience in formal combat, Rene knows how to use his size and stealth to his advantage; he fights dirty and knows his way around a melee weapon. Blades and stave-likes tend to be favored close-up, with bows and guns as projectiles.
  • Sweet Little Lies: Rene is a persuasive talker, knowing what people what to hear and what to tell them in order to manipulate them; he is just as much a liar as he is a flirt, alluring and deceptive in all the right/wrong ways. He is good at using this to strike deals and bargain, in a more practical sense.
  • Dapper Dan: Knows how to blend in with most classes of people; He can go from being a gentleman at a ballroom gala to a back-room poker game shark without a hiccup. It gives him an uncanny ability to seem like he actually does belong wherever he is.
  • Cause A Scene: He used to study theatre; the drama club in grade school got some of his time, and in university he majored in a mix of performing arts and music. He's turned out to be a rather good actor and dramatist, a bit of a hobbyist writer. It paid off a bit despite his leaving school, as he utilizes the skills in other parts of his life.
  • La Complainte de la Butte: Along with theatre he studied music and song; he hung around other musicians from a young age, and over time picked up lessons and instruments. He only plays string instruments as an adult, and most commonly guitar or violin; vocally, a countertenor/tenor. An ear for music and a sense of rhythm help him pick things up.
  • The Green-Man: Rene has a considerable knowledge of plants and fungi. He has studied botany to an extent and horticulture includes such areas as agriculture, arboriculture, floriculture, and fungiculture.
  • Carrion Crow: From his time on the road and with others, Rene has gotten to be skilled at scavenging. He knows what he can trade or sell when it comes to finding things in ruins or abandoned places. Though he can't fix certain things he finds, he knows that other people can, and will dish out for such items. He is familiar with scavenging food, medicine, and other such things, though that responsibility is a bit much.
  • Nailed It: In terms of being good with tools and gear, Rene has some issues; he has a tendency to accidentally break stuff- - and try not to ask him to fix something, unless he can jerry-rig it. Though he can grow it, he isn't all that great with working wood once it is refined for building; Rene is barely passable with carpentry, which means he tries his best at what people show him how to do. Just make sure he has safety gear.
  • Save A Horse: Recent years have had him learning to properly handle a horse and assist in caring for them. They seem to like him alright, and he's not a very burdening rider.
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