Elisa Zolotov

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Name Elisa Zolotov Aliases Elisa Sonders
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Phasing
Gender Female
Birthdate May 17, 2000 Age 21
Height 5' 2" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Blonde
Residence Unknown
Employment Former assistant at Farkas Psychiatric, Former bartender at the Corral
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children None
First Scene What About Eve? Last Scene
Profile Elisa Zolotov is a Russian immigrant who fled to the United States after the Second American Civil War, seeking asylum from increasingly draconian registration laws in her home country. Elisa is a polyglot, speaking six languages. She was employed as the receptionist at Farkas Psychiatric. However, since Farkas Psychiatric burned to the ground, Elisa has come to reside in Providence, giving up the airs of an erudite sophisticate and latching on whole-heartedly to a salt-of-the-earth persona with a heart of gold and a thick accent. In truth, she is a bloody-handed operative of the Sentinel and right hand of its leader Greg Farkas. However, when the Sentinel abandoned Providence, Elisa was not able to exfiltrate with them. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.
Elisa Zolotov
portrayed by
Willow Shields
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