Elisabeth Harrison

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Name Elisabeth Maureen Harrison Aliases Elizabeth Cranston (BF), Raven Harper (BF)
Status Registered Expressive (Class B/C Kinetic) (LE) Ability Audiokinesis
Gender Female
Birthdate October 31, 1975 Age 46
Height 5'6" Build 155
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence RayTech NYCSZ Living Quarters
Employment NYPD SCOUT Division, Lieutenant
Parents Jared Harrison, Carina Harrison (deceased) Siblings None
Marital Status Married Richard Cardinal Ray (Open) Children Aurora (Cranston) Harrison
First Scene Welcome to Another World Last Scene

She is a known face, despite having been presumed dead for 7 years. Elisabeth spent years as an NYPD officer/detective, was a member of the original SCOUT team (precursor to FRONTLINE), and is a former head of FRONTLINE Manhattan. She's known as a "terrorist"-turned-patriot because of her actions in 2011, former ally of the Ferrymen and Phoenix, and former co-leader of Endgame. With the recommissioning of the NYPD, she has become one of the faces of the new police division as the second-in-command of the new SCOUT division.

Elisabeth Harrison
portrayed by

Kate Hudson

Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light. ― John Milton, Paradise Lost

I could not at any age be content to take my place in a corner by the fireside and simply look on. – Eleanor Roosevelt

When it is dark enough, you can see the stars. ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fate whispers to the warrior, "You cannot withstand the storm." The warrior whispers back, "I am the storm." ―Unknown





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Known to Most

  • Former cop. Former "terrorist"/patriot. Former FRONTLINE director. Gave the interview that blasted a great many things wide open.
  • Supposedly killed in 2011 but miraculously back in New York now. Rumors probably run the gamut about why that is, but she's been seen with a young blonde child in tow in Red Hook Market a good bit.
  • Bodyguards are regularly seen with her. Mike Gordon: mike_icon.gif Alessandro Molina: alessandro_icon.gif

Known to Some

  • Put out several songs on the "Liberty" album that was released in 2011.
  • She was a music teacher at Washington Irving High School for a couple of years (2006-2008).
  • She speaks fluent conversational Russian, thanks to Felix Ivanov's parents and grandfather as well as several years of intensive lessons with Bright Felix Ivanov, though she cannot read or write Cyrillic.

Known to Few

  • She has traveled through time before (went back to save Jaiden in a previous arc) and has been timeline-hopping for the past 7 years.
  • Was not born in the Prime timeline.
  • Has had a career in music that was moderately successful — in another world.


  • Elisabeth was, in various circles, a well-known associate of Endgame, Phoenix, the Ferrymen, the NYPD, FRONTLINE Manhattan. She was also a known face because of the interview she gave Brad Russo before she was supposedly killed. You could be a former co-worker, someone she arrested, someone whose family member she injured or helped while she on duty, someone who has ties to the organizations that she had ties to.
  • Also, Elisabeth is going back to her roots — as the NYPD gears up to reopen, she has been asked to take on a Lieutenant's position with the new SCOUT team. So SCOUT, SESA, any and all law enforcement types, feel free to hit me up — I'm also game to run some street-level cop scenes as well. (I promise, nothing like The 36 ever again!)
  • She was a music teacher for a time at Washington Irving High School, so you could be a student or another former connection there.
  • The Nite Owl diner! Back in the day, this place was the gathering spot!
  • She is (along with Aurora) becoming a regular face in Red Hook. Some might notice that when not on duty she sports a shadow (of the bodyguard variety, not shadowmorph).
  • As she returns to Prime, Elisabeth has a whole new world to deal with once again — I am open to any meetings and I am happy to create reasons to be able to meet people. The more friends/acquaintances/frenemies/whatever, the better I like it!


aura2_icon.gif Aurora Morgan Ivanova (Cranston) Harrison: born June 21, 2012, in the Bright Future. She was an unexpected gift and is the center of Liz's universe. She is a normal 8-year-old girl except for an interesting quirk — she has a mild form of synesthesia. That is, she sees sounds as colors in the world around her. So when there's music playing, she might comment about how much yellow and orange that song has or how blue the song is, and she's not kidding. To her, it's not just how the music makes her feel, it is also what she sees in her mind's eye. People's voices have color as well.
richard_icon.gif Richard (Cardinal) Ray: She never intended to fall in love, thought her parents were one of the few lucky ones to find such a thing. And then it happened to her. Sure, she can live life just fine without him… but seven years apart made it brutally clear to her that he will always hold her heart. They aren't built for white picket fences and whatever passes for a 'normal' life… and she can't see building a live amid the chaos with anyone else. He is her home.
jared_icon.gif Jared Harrison: Much beloved father. He buried his wife after Midtown 2006 and buried his daughter — or at least had a headstone erected next to her mother and the one that has Richard Cardinal's name on it — in 2011. He is a man for whom justice is important — he made sure she was pardoned posthumously along with everyone else. He helped write the laws that now protect Evos. Elisabeth is amazed at all that her father did after she 'died' and she is very proud of him… and proud as hell to be his daughter.
ff_carina2_icon.gif Carina "Cranston": WAY WAY COMPLICATED. It was the name Elisabeth used in Bright, so it is the name Carina chose to use when she arrived in this world. (Also in use by Michelle Cardinal "Cranston" at this point, interestingly enough.) She is Elisabeth's actual birth mother and the wife that Jared really married… 1982 pulled her family away from her, and Elisabeth found her in the Flooded world. Elisabeth struggles with her feelings over her mother. She remembers this Carina from her young childhood, the Prime Carina who raised her into adulthood after Liz and Jared landed in Prime, and now she has her 'real' mother back… and there are missing years and she worries that any time she mentions things from her teens or young adulthood, she's somehow hurting this Carina's feelings.
devon_icon.gif Devon Clendaniel: He was her son in all the ways that mattered. But she died on him … and she arrived back in this world to find that he'd died just days before. It was devastating. She was barely beginning to deal with all of it when he washed up alive on Brighton Beach. Now that he is back and knowing that he's withstood hideous things, her maternal instincts are in really high gear when it comes to him. Though he is now an adult and she does her best to treat him that way, once in a while she simply smothers him with hugs whether he likes it or not.
No image Joshua Harrison: the time/dimension-traveling son that Wasteland Future's Elisabeth bore Richard "Ezekiel" Cardinal. He came back to her world trying to stop what happened to his mother. Like most, he never understood time was not a line. She doesn't know what's happened to him or where he went after 2011, but she hopes that somewhere in those years that she was gone he found some peace.


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