Elliot Hitchens

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Name Elliot Abel Hitchens Aliases Wright Janelle Tracy
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) (MIL) Ability Telepathic Networking
Gender Male
Birthdate August 16, 1989 Age 31
Height 6'1" Build Wiry
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Red Hook
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Merlyn Hitchens (wife)
Rue Lancaster (girlfriend)
Wright Tracy (partner)
Children Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy (biological daughter)
First Scene Cogito Ergo (Zero) Sum Last Scene

Elliot served in Wolfhound along with his partner Wright Tracy from the beginning of the war and for two years thereafter. He eventually left the service to help Wright and Marthe Burgess raise their three-parent daughter Ames, to whom he is the biological father. He is a former Ferrymen Intelligence operative and survivor of the Chokepoint/Cambridge Massacre.

He came out of retirement and returned to Wolfhound in September of 2020. He is currently on assignment in the Flooded world with no way to come home after the Looking Glass was destroyed.

Elliot Hitchens
portrayed by
Ryan Gosling


Infiltrator A lifetime of trying to fade into the background has lent itself well to infiltration and intel. While rarely directly involved in open conflict, he is skilled in lethal and nonlethal take-downs, including grapples, knifework, and suppressed pistols.
Computer Science and Math Elliot has a mind for math and computer system use, infiltration, and, to a lesser extent, programming.
Logistics Elliot learned a lot from his time (allegedly) overseeing a black-market drug operation’s logistical needs, a skill which served him well during his time with the Ferrymen before transferring to Intelligence.
Behavior Analysis Elliot has a keen eye for behavior, a skill he has used throughout his life in an effort to appear more “normal”. He can use this to his advantage when picking a mark and exploiting them in order to gain access to restricted areas.
Cooking Elliot has a passion for cooking complex meals from scratch, and has a keen sense-memory of scents and flavors.
Resources Elliot owns a home in Red Hook which he purchased after retiring from Wolfhound. While he generally uses public transportation, he also owns a Mantis for emergencies.
American Sign Language Elliot’s early difficulties with verbal communication were lessened when he and Wright began learning ASL as children. Years later, they found an opportunity to practice more extensively while working child relocation assignments for the Ferrymen. Sadly, they learned very little of the Lighthouse Cant sign language from the secretive children.
Physical Fitness Elliot learned how to swim in preparation for his deployment to the flooded timeline. He kept to a steady schedule to focus on aerobics and endurance.
Deception Elliot’s primary social skill is lying, doing it so often and at such a scale that it’s difficult to suspect him of doing it. Every day he lies to his coworkers, he lies to his friends, he lies to his partner, he lies to her family, he lies to his girlfriend, he lies to his teammates, he lies to you. Something is very wrong.


merlyn_icon.gif Wife Elliot recently reconnected with a woman he dumped because he was the worst. Things took an alarmingly unexpected turn for the better, and before he knew it they were married.
rue5_icon.gif Girlfriend While Elliot and Rue didn't have much interaction during the Ferrymen days, they did work together in Wolfhound until his retirement. While Elliot taught her how to be invisible in an infiltration, she taught him how to fit in. They lost touch after his retirement. He didn't seek her out to get anything more than her take on Avi's offer to return to Wolfhound. As it turned out, he ended up cooking her breakfast the following morning, and is happy to continue doing so. She's currently missing in Action in Mazdak territory on assignment with the CIA, and predicted by Eve Mas to die there. He's not handling the helpless stress well.
wright2_icon.gif Partner Elliot and Wright have been mostly inseparable since growing up in the Massachusetts foster system together. While Wright was eventually adopted, they stayed close through school. When Wright was shipped off to military boarding school, the two didn't reconnect until running into each other on a Ferrymen relocation assignment in 2010. Almost no one knows that the two have been telepathically linked since 2011. Currently Wright is manning the other end of the Flooded World's away team comms array. She doesn't want to be touched right now. Also, Elliot and Wright are the same person.
marthe_icon.gif Unclear Elliot's relationship with Wright's Wife is strained, to say the very least. She told Rue that Elliot is in love with her, though it doesn't appear to be that simple. Other, more-worrisome claims were left unaddressed. Before deployment to the Flooded world, Marthe appeared conflicted about how she'd been treating Elliot after an unexpected outburst from her daughter.
ames_icon.gif Biological Daughter Ames is the three-parent daughter of Wright and Marthe, including Elliot as a donor. Both mothers are biological, but Ames was carried by Marthe. She was born after the Second American Civil War, on September 3rd 2014. As of September 2020, she's currently attending kindergarten at Winslow Crawford Academy for the Gifted. She has curly, strawberry blond hair, hazel eyes, and a terrifying habit of slamming into things at high speed. She is SLC-Expressive, but has not yet manifested an ability.
asi4_icon.gif Best Friend Asi may be Elliot's only friend, even if their friendship is predicated upon something being deeply wrong with his motivations. Maybe the Asi native to the Flooded Timeline will do.
operator_icon.gif Operator nice and high and far apart just like they said i built this place with broken parts just like they said you chip away the old version of you you'd be surprised at what you can do i'm safe in here irRelevant just like they said my voice just echoes off these walls my voice just echoes off these walls



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