Emily Epstein

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Name Emily Alison Epstein Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Sympathetic Coercion (Unregistered)
Gender Female
Birthdate September 11, 1999 Age 21
Height 5' 7" Build Willowy
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence A destroyed home in the Ruins of Queens
Raith-Epstein residence, Jackson Heights
Employment Student, SESA intern, and dreamer
Parents Avi Epstein (father; estranged)
Rachel Epstein-Raith (mother)
Siblings Taylor Epstein (brother; deceased)
Nathalie Leroux (sister; deceased)
Marital Status Finally dating Devon Clendaniel Children Just a furbaby named Kettle
First Scene A Celebration of History - Entrance
The Appearance of Yatagarasu
Last Scene The Tale Of A Tulip Tree, Part II

Emily Epstein is the estranged daughter of Avi Epstein. After surviving numerous catastrophes both personal and otherwise, she was forcibly made into a tulip tree in February of 2020, and rescued from that state in the fall. To learn to trust again after that is a slow process, and to confidently find her voice again…

Well, some things come easier than others.

Emily Epstein
portrayed by
Elle Fanning

I think I'm growing into someone you could trust
I want to shoulder the weight 'til my back breaks
I want to run 'til my lungs give up
If I could manage not to fuck this up
If I could manage not to fuck this up
I think enough is enough

- I Don't Like Who I Was Then - The Wonder Years



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avi_icon.gif My father is my father. He's established very clearly he cares. He's also established that he's a self-centered asshole. He was there long enough to help bring me back, and then went back to being a mess of a human being elsewhere.
rachel_icon.gif My mother is my mother. I haven't seen her in person since I was changed back, just phone and video only. Things are stranger between us now than they've ever been, harder than ever. She thought she lost me— her only daughter, her last child.

And nobody expects to get their child back.
julie_icon.gif Julie is my rock. She helped me get back on my feet, literally and metaphorically. I'm grateful there's still a place for me in her life, and I'm sorry I put her through so much worry.
nathalie_icon.gif Life isn't fair. What happened to her isn't fair. I'd do anything to bring her back.
devon2_icon.gif I wish I could have fought to get him back the same way he did for me. He's been nothing but supportive as I figure myself out. He's not afraid even when I lose control of my voice.
ali_icon.gif She betrayed me. She hurt me, she hurt so many people all for fucked up reasons I'll never understand. I start— to panic every time I think of her. But I— just have to remind myself th— she can't hurt anyone anymore. She's locked up now. She—


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