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Name Daniel Hernan Espenosa Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Telepathy
Gender Male
Birthdate May 16, 1944 Age 75
Height 5' 6" Build Heavy
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Juan Espenosa (father; deceased)
Emelia Delgado-Espenosa (mother; deceased)
Siblings William Espenosa (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Lorena Espenosa (wife;deceased) Children Daniel Espenosa Jr. (son; deceased)
First Scene Ghosts of Memory Last Scene In the Company of Wolves, Part I
Profile Daniel Hernan Espenosa has been a shadow in the underworld for decades. Once he was a human trafficker, caught and imprisoned by the US Government in the Moab Federal Penitentiary. When the prison was destroyed, Espenosa fled with other Evolved escapees and settled on Staten Island where he tied to rebuild his enterprise, only to be apprehended by the Institute and forcibly conscripted into the service of FRONTLINE:OS, a secret police loyal to Colonel Leon Heller. During the chaos of November 8th, 2011 Espenosa disappeared and was presumed dead in the Eltingville riots. He survived during the war, eventually joining forces with Adam Monroe and becoming a member of Shedda Dinu. He was killed by Ash Williams, a Shedda Dinu member, who broke free of his mental control.
Daniel Espenosa
portrayed by
Danny Trejo
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