Etienne Saint James

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Name Etienne Saint James Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Male
Birthdate September 2 Age 33
Height 6' Build Muscular
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence The Salve Regina, his boat
Employment Self-employed
Parents Jonathan Saint James
Wendie Saint James née Lachapelle
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Scene An Ocelot Walks Into a Bar Last Scene
Profile Not yet retired from his days of high seas piracy, Etienne is best known for his services in bringing people and goods from one end of New York to the other, no questions asked.
Etienne Saint James
portrayed by
Zach McGowan



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If you need to get in touch, please @mail Brooklyn.


Known to Most

  • A recent arrival to New York City, Etienne Saint James first established himself as a smuggler and ferryman, and in general, a brawler known for leaving blood on the floorboards of most Staten Island dive bars.
  • Works wih the Staten Island Trade Commission as Alister's bodyguard.
  • Owns a lobster boat called the Salve Regina.

Known to Some

  • Although known as and rumoured to be a pirate based off appearances, manner, and skills alone, the factual background for this is less well known. Etienne was a pirate who operated out of the Carribean, off the coast of Argentina, and the waters of African nations.
  • Responsible for several murders in Staten Island. Business as usual, but becoming notorious for brutal murder without much in the way of provocation.

Known to Few/None

  • Literally everything else.


March, 2018
When Where What Who
10th An Ocelot Walks Into a Bar Etienne lands a job. Alister, Chess, Luther, Sibyl, Tibby
10th House Always Wins …for a crazy person. Alister, Sibyl
16th Know When to Fold Two people who are either amateurs or SESA agents or both come to ask Etienne some questions. He takes their money instead. Bowie, Veronica
16th Something Sacred Some light grave robbing is interrupted. Deckard
April, 2018
When Where What Who
3rd Without It Etienne returns Sibyl to the Staten Island Trade Commission after her encounter with Samson, Eve, and the well. Sibyl
19th Power Is In The Mind Alister talks a big game, and Etienne is willing to play along. Alister


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