Everleigh Madison

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Name Everleigh Rose Madison Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Biological) Ability Pheromone Manipulation
(actually Empathic Influence)
Gender Female
Birthdate November 7th, 1980 Age 41
Height 5'4" Build Skinny
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence ???
Employment Psychiatrist, Private Practice
Parents Norah Madison (Mother; deceased)
Robert Madison (Father)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene A Yarnball of Problems and a Helper to Untangle Them Last Scene
Profile Compassionate, caring, and professional, Dr. Everleigh Madison is a psychiatrist. She specializes in Evolved and Evolved-event related trauma, such as the Bomb (where she lost her own mother), the Civil War, and so on. Either regular or specialized treatment, she is available with flexible hours and will travel to those who need it be it at the office or at home. She also enjoys sewing and other crafts in her very limited spare time. She is very self-conscious about her SLC status and ability and believes it to be biologically based rather than mental.
Everleigh Madison
portrayed by

Antonia Prebble


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Professional Personal
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Current or Former Patients

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Therapy Sessions


Date Time Title Participants
03/19 Evening A Night on the Underground Everleigh, Brynn, Gatter, Jac, Kendall, Pride, and Seren
03/20 Morning A Springtime Picnic Everleigh, Alia, Delilah, Elisabeth, Gatter, Harry, Pride, Richard, Seren, and Walter
04/11 Afternoon Secret Lives of Pokemon Everleigh and Kendall
05/13 Early Afternoon Curb Your Enthusiasm Everleigh and Seren
05/18 Evening On the Nature of Clubs Everleigh and Gatter
06/17 Early Evening In Progress Everleigh and Tobias
06/20 Early Afternoon (Seeking) A Friend For The End Of The World Everleigh, Seren, and Wright


elaine3_icon.gif Head Curator of the Yamagato Fellowship Center
liza_icon.gif The peppiest of SESA agents
merlyn_icon.gif A cynical but charming conwoman with a heart of gold
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