Finn Shepherd

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Name Finn Michael Shepherd Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Probability Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate May 31, 1984 Age 37
Height 6'2" Build Muscular
Eyes Green Hair Sandy
Residence New York Safe Zone
Employment Helicopter pilot, fire and rescue contractor
Parents Frank and Mary Siblings Fred and Fiona
Marital Status Dating Lucille Children June oops
First Scene Diametric Opposition Last Scene
Profile The odds are ever in his favor — this happy-go-lucky helicopter pilot crash landed in Washington during the Civil War and was one of those living on the edge of society in the Sedro-Woolley Colony before doing the same in Providence, New Jersey. He's now rejoined civilization though he still considers himself an ally of those in Providence.
Finn Shepherd
portrayed by

Jake McDorman

"The luck of the fool is inviolate." ~Charles Bukowski



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Best pilot in the universe (Or not) Finn has been licensed as an helicopter pilot as both a flight instructor and for commercial use, as well as getting the required licenses for helitack and SAR work in various terrains (mountain, coastal).



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