François Allègre

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Name François Allègre Aliases Francis Allen
Filip Mikhailov
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate January 2 Age 45 (86? [101?])
Height 5'10" Build Medium
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence The Bunker, Rochester
Williamsburg, New York Safe Zone
Employment Wolfhound
Parents Unknown Siblings None
Marital Status Married to Teodoro Laudani (Separated) Children Many
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Francois was a medic in the French Resistance during World War II until his unusual ability to heal and prolong his own life made him into something more. His ability moved on from him but the desire to fight for a cause did not, and now, he runs with Wolfhound.
François Allègre
portrayed by

Sverrir Gudnason



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Known to Most

  • Francis Allen was born in 1975, and is a member of Wolfhound, a paramilitary organisation in regular supply of government contracts.
  • Formerly a part of the Ferrymen network, but did not participate in the Albany Trials.
  • Legally married to Teodoro Laudani.

Known to Some

  • Conversely, he is better known among friends as François Allègre, and the nature of his existence is common knowledge amongst those who care to know it. He was born in 1918.
  • As a young man, he was an active member of the French Resistance during the Second World War, until his capture and arrest at the hands of Nazis — and Kazimir Volken.
  • He was formerly in possession of a power known as the White Conduit, until he passed it onto a young Abigail Beauchamp in the moments preceding his near death.
  • Rescued from that death when he was brought forward in time, from 1994 to late 2009, thanks to Hiro Nakamura, Eileen Ruskin, and Abigail Beauchamp herself.
  • Participated in the Apollo missions, dispatched to Russia and then Antarctica. His services earned him a legal identity.
  • The rough edit of his life between 1919 and 1994 has been detailed in a biography written by a man called Filip Mikhailov, with a close emphasis on his life in relation to that of Volken.

Known to Few

  • Most acquaintances recognise 'By the Victors' as Francois' own work, half-autobiography, half-retrospective.
  • During the Antarctica mission, Francois sacrificed himself in an ultimately vain attempt to disarm a nuclear weapon. He was saved by becoming the unwilling inhabitant of the Black Conduit. He wasted very little time indeed in getting rid of it, although the details of that incident are an even closer guarded secret.


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