Gabriel Gray

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Name Gabriel Gray Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability ????
Gender Male
Birthdate June 2 Age 38
Height 6'1" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Coastal Maine
Employment Unemployed
Parents Samson Gray
Natalie Gray
Martin Gray (adoptive)
Virginia Gray (adoptive)
Siblings None
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Scene The Death of Birds is Conducted Without Weeping Last Scene
Profile Known to the world through monikers like the Midtown Man and Sylar, Gabriel Gray is playing dead until the real thing comes along.
Gabriel Gray
portrayed by

Zachary Quinto



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Known to Most

  • Gabriel Gray is best known as Sylar or, less commonly, the Midtown Man, a serial killer of Evolved people and originally considered to be the cause of the Bomb of 2006 that destroyed much of New York City, exposing superpowers to the world. It came to light later that the cause of this explosion was Peter Petrelli, descendent of Company founders and political corruption.
  • He was also a member of the anti-Evolved terrorist faction, Vanguard.
  • In 2011, while America was on the brink of civil unrest, Sylar and Peter Petrelli engaged in a destructive battle that culminated in a nuclear explosion.
  • Sylar is considered dead.

Known to Some

  • Gabriel was involved in the Apollo missions that sought to reverse the world-ending damage brought upon the world by Kazimir Volken. Like most, he was offered an incentive, but the nature of this deal is unknown or lost to history. He was deployed to Madagascar, and then Antarctica.
  • He was also involved in some of the rebel factions of the time. He was a member of Messiah, and also provided the Ferrymen with firepower on occasion. His criminal activity becomes spotty and difficult to track, with infrequent murders mixed up with idealogically motivated terrorist activity.
  • He was briefly a member of Staten Island's criminal community after the fall of the Vanguard, participating in cage matches and piracy.
  • Gabriel was possessed by and then in possession of an entity known as the Black Conduit, Kazimir's power fused with his displaced identity.
  • Gabriel's true biological parents are Samson Gray and Natalie Gray, the latter having died when he was a boy, wherein he was adopted by his uncle, Martin, and his wife, Virginia, and raised as their own.
  • There are an absurd number of biographies, true crime novels, and expose documentaries that cover most of the above, but you'd have to be, you know, a fan.

Known to Few

  • Gabriel is, in fact, alive, but went off the grid after November 8, 2011. Some know this due to his participation in defending the Ferrymen against military forces during or after the battle between Sylar and Peter, although this timeline is murky. Others are aware that Gabriel had clones, one of which was an especially dangerous entity masquerading as President Nathan Petrelli, and this was the clone that died in 2011.
  • The above knowledge is generally only known in fragmentation. Others may simply know that he is alive due to recent encounters.
  • Gabriel carried out a long term relationship with Eileen Ruskin.


March, 2018
When Where What Who
18th Leaving the Twilight Eve goes to visit a wolf, and he invites her for dinner. Eve
April, 2018
When Where What Who
3rd Man in the Moon Eve needs a hero. Eve
6th Going and Going Someone from the past gives Claire a glimpse of the future. Claire


This is the passive ability that allows Gabriel to automatically understand how things work. These things range from the mechanical through to the anatomical, and never really switches off, although it can focus in on something and take over Gabriel's concentration for the duration of time it takes for him to learn what he's evaluating. It first manifested as the ability to see, automatically, how the complex designs of watches made them run, and enable him to recreate them, fix them, etc. Later, this ability would manifest into the power to see how the human brain functioned, and how Evolved abilities work, then allowing him to psychically adapt his own self to replicate what he saw in others.

This ability to learn and understand is a double-edged sword in that it comes with the desire to learn and understand. The more complex, the better - and very little is more complex than the human brain. It becomes an addiction that makes him see red until this hunger is sated, and knowledge (and therefore, power) is attained. It compromises his ability to judge and moralise the situation, a watch becoming interchangeable with a human skull.

There is a mysterious other side to this ability. Rather than the analytical intuiting of systems, Gabriel is also able to learn how things (or people, in this case) work through an emotional connection. By understanding the psychology and emotional makeup of a person, he can also understand how their ability works. This might also be why he has such a knack for mimicking people's personalities too, and provides some resistance against the mental ability attacks or invasions of others.


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