Nagano Genki

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Name Genki Nagano Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non) (LE)
Gender Male
Birthdate June 5, 1976 Age 42
Height 5' 8" Build Wiry
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Tokyo, Japan
Employment JSDF Mugai-Ryu Advisor
Parents Siblings
Marital Status Married Children
First Scene East Meets West Last Scene
Profile Genki was a JSDF R&D member recruited to the Naicho (Japanese Intelligence Bureau) in the late 2000's. He was a founding advisor for the Mugai-Ryu, and regularly coordinates with them on assignments affecting national security. He is married with a 4-year old son. He's haunted by conflicting feelings toward those who are SLC-E, frequently leaning more toward the side of distrust and disdain.
Nagano Genki
portrayed by

Taizo Harada
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Government agent first, family man second. Genki lives for his country's stability.

His fascination with Asi, and an apparent hint of guilt for his role in her incarceration, lead to her implementation in the Mugai-Ryu. He operated as her handler until 2015. They have a strained relationship and a grudging friendship, as Genki has been both an advocate and an adversary to her.

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