Gerard Gerken

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Name Gerard Gerken Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B/C Kinetic) (NEG) Ability Sound Manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate 4/29/1970 Age 49
Height 5'10 Build Athletic
Eyes Pale Green Hair Dark, Graying
Residence Unknown
Employment Shedda Dinu
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Ashleigh Gerken (Deceased)
Children Lance Gerken
Hailey Gerken
First Scene The Fire Inside, Part II Last Scene
Profile A former Level 5 inhabitant who escaped and stayed with Adam over the years, becoming a loyal soldier of Shedda Dinu. He blames himself (rightly) for his wife's death, and (wrongly) for his children's, whom didn't actually die. The Company stole much of his life and led him to believe himself to be the one responsible for his entire family's deaths. Even then, he was definitely responsible for a dozen deaths, including his wife and who knows how many since then.
Gerard Gerken
portrayed by

JR Bourne
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