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Name Teodoro Laudani Aliases The Ghost
Status Registered Expressive (Class B Mental) Ability Astral Projection
Gender Male
Birthdate Confusing Age 40+
Height 6' Build Muscular
Eyes Blue Hair Dirty Blond
Residence Transient
Employment Freelance/Contractor (Wolfhound, etc.)
Parents Paolo Laudani
Amadora Laudani
Siblings Romero Laudani
Marital Status Single Children Walter Trafford (technically)
First Scene The More Boys I Meet Last Scene N/A
Profile In 2010, this version of Teodoro arrived from a future that many of its inhabitants thought was better, at the cost of a few lives. By then, he had acquired a synthetic Evolved ability and nearly a decade of paramilitary training. In order to come back in time, he had to kill some friends, steal a couple of bodies, and exploit those who mistook him for his alter-ego, except of course, that some of that was clearly optional.
portrayed by

Chris Evans

My loneliness is crowded
So full of nostalgia
and of faces of you
of long-ago goodbyes
and of welcoming kisses
of taking off
and of being left behind
it's so crowded that I can organize it
like a procession
by color, size and promises
by period
by sense of touch
and taste
My hands tremble no longer
to reach and embrace your absence
Which attends, and assists me
with this, my face of you
I am full of shadows
of nights
and desires
of laughter
and even of a curse
My guests gather
They gather around like dreams
with their new animosities
and their lack of candor,
So I block the door to exorcise them
Because I want to be alone
with this, my face of you
But this face of yours turns to look away
With loving eyes, no longer loving,
Like food searching for its hunger
They search and search
And extinguish my day.
The walls go away
The night remains
Nostalgia goes away
Nothing remains.
My face of you closes its eyes
And it's such a desolate loneliness.

"Rostro de vos" Poema de Mario Benedetti.



Known to Most

  • Affiliate of Wolfhound, sleeps at the Rochester bunker periodically.
  • Fought on the side of the "rebellion" during the Second American Civil War, in loose tandem with his alter-ego, Phoenix and The Ferry, but less actively than the other Teo.
  • Possesses an Evolved ability, despite allegations that others with his likeness are genetically non-Evolved.

Known to Some

  • A time-traveler from the Bright Future, where a combination of losses culminated in his decision to leave his timeline in the wake of perpetrating horrific violence, including the murder of Eileen and his decision to leave despite that it might jeopardize the lives of all of his then-present friends.
    • Functionally a sociopath as a result of timeline divergent experiences.
    • Initially infiltrated the Prime timeline in 2010 by hijacking his original body/persona, damaging his relationship with many members of Phoenix and the Ferry.
    • Currently inhabits a body cloned from the original Teo by The Company.
  • Romantically involved with Eve Mas and several others.
  • Teo the "hybrid" contains many of his memories and skills up until 2010, and they interact regularly despite their strained relationship.
  • His ability is synthetic, the product of a Bright Future pharmaceutical that has yet to be invented or distributed in the Prime timeline.

Known to Few

  • Operates in Prime primarily as a mercenary or gun-for-hire.
  • Trained in combat/paramilitary operations as well as his Evolved Ability by Hana from his original timeline, and he remains loyal to her in a way that transcends his otherwise desultory alliances.



  • See also: Teo, the Player Character
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