Gillian Childs

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Name Gillian Mae Childs Aliases Leanne Lennox
Stephanie Winters
Gwen Chevalier
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Female
Birthdate October 29, 1986 Age 34
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Hazel Hair Brunette
Residence A Brownstone in Elmhurst
Employment Author, Librian,
Chairman of the Safe Zone Public Library Association, SZC
Parents George and Peggy Childs
Jeffrey and Alison Winters
Siblings Jennifer Childs
Victor Childs
The Brians
Marital Status Single Children Jolene Petrelli (Chevalier)
Jacelyn "Squeaks"
First Scene Not A Bird Last Scene
Profile A publicly known former Ferryman, working with the SZC, and chairman of the SZ Public Library Association. She is working on the restoration and the opening of libraries within the Safe Zone.
Gillian Childs
portrayed by

Sophia Bush


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Known To Most

  • Gillian Childs is one of the original members of the Safe Zone Cooperative. She moved in fairly earlier. She is a member of the Citizen's Watch and the Council. She focuses on education and libraries, working as the Chairman of the New York Safe Zone Library Association.
  • She's an author of one book under her own name, A Memory of Tomorrow, which is an SLC-Expressive time travel based romance.
  • She participated in the trials and testified against and for some of those who were tried. She defended actions of Eileen and the former Vanguard who joined the Ferry.
  • She's a registered Instructor and also has a COM status, which means she can be contracted to use her ability. Due to the tribunals, her ability to enhance others SLC-E abilities is known. She has been known to offer her services. For a price. She is known for demanding full disclosure of what they intend to do with her ability before she agrees, though.

Known To Some

  • Her ability had been used to trigger disasters, most notably the Flash. If someone lost a family member she could be targetted by them.
  • She is also the author of two other books (based on actual events) under the psuedonym Leanne Lennox. Many on the internet speculate that she wrote those two books as well and anyone who knew her from her time in the Ferry knows it is actually her.

Known To Few

  • While many know she is a psuedo mom of a bunch of teenagers and twenty somethings known as the Lighthouse Kids, she is the actual bio mom of a young woman from the future. And she's currently adopting another one.


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Log Files for Gillian

The pain of war can not exceed the woe of aftermath…


Library Sciences: This was what her degree was in. It's what she worked in before the whole world changed for her and it's what she's doing now that the world is trying to get put back together. This mostly includes how to file and find books in a library, computer assistance or more likely these days, catalog. She has actually learned how to run a library, now.

Restoration: One of the things she learned after the war, to help with her goal to restore Libraries, was how to restore books themselves. They could not print new books, often, with half the country in turmoil. This mostly consists of rebinding them, but she also knows how to save books with minor water damage.

Art: She still dabbles in artwork. She won't be selling her sketches, but she's fairly decent at them.

Computer skills: She still has them, but they're rusty with the untrustworthiness of the internet and the lack of computers. She does have a computer still, for writing books, and she knows to keep it on an battery backup so if there's an unexpected brownout or power-outage, there won't be a surge and it will give her time to save and shut it down. It has no connection to the internet.

Other: She can drive (both a car and a motorcycle), but does not repair them beyond simple tire change and she knows what NOT to do, more than what to do when it comes to both. She can also cook (much better now than she used to).

Writing: Speaking of her need for a writing computer, it's because she's been writing books. Ever since the war ended, writing has been her therapy. She writes at least an hour almost every day. It keeps her grounded and allows her to put her feelings into words. She's written versions of most every major event she had participated in, based on her imperfect memory (and helped by journals she had written at the time). Only two of her true event stories have been published, but others might be in the future (The Blizzard and The Flash). She knows how to spin her words to protect those who do not want to be known for their roles, creating characters based on them that wouldn't be readily pointed back at them by anyone who didn't already know what had happened. Besides nonfiction, she has also dabbled in fiction. In creating the better world and better past that she wishes she could. This is how she is coping with the loss so many over the years, the loss of the son she'll never have and the father of the children she could have had. By writing a stories that give those pieces of her heart and soul closure.

Combat Skills: Over many years, Gillian has learned some combat skills. She still knows how to throw a punch without breaking her fingers, how to kick someone. She also took lessens in gunplay from Eve. She's a decent shot. Or she was. Now her hands might shake too much. If she ever actually holds one again.

Abilities: Over the years, since late 2008, Gillian has been exposed to a wide variety of abilities (and even possessed many while she briefly had Peter's original swiss army knife of a power). This gives her some insight on abilities and how they might manifest in people, how some of them might work. It isn't always accurate, but it sometimes gives her clues on how much energy certain abilities might need to do certain things. What abilities to avoid, what might happen to people with that ability who overuse it. Things like that. It is not always accurate, because one version of an ability may not be the same as another, but it gives ideas. And allows her to come up with ideas on how those abilities might be used as well.

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