Greg Sharrow

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Name Gregory Sharrow Aliases Gregory Farkas
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate August 13, 1962 Age 59
Height 5' 10" Build Thin
Eyes Green Hair White
Residence Unknown
Employment Sentinel Command
Parents Charles Sharrow (father)
Unknown (mother)
Arnold Farkas (father; deceased) [cover identity]
Laura Farkas (mother; deceased) [cover identity]
Siblings Sofia Sharrow (sister)
William Farkas (brother; deceased) [cover identity]
Marital Status Single
Victoria Farkas (wife; deceased) [cover identity]
Children None
Brandon Farkas (son; deceased) [cover identity]
First Scene The First Step Last Scene
Profile Greg Farkas is the son of Charles Sharrow and co-leader of the Sentinel, a reformed Vanguard built around the premise of Expressive-Supremacy as a misinterpretation of Kazimir Volken's redemptive view of the world more than a decade ago. For years, Greg masqueraded as a psychiatrist and member of the Safe Zone Cooperative's Citizen's Watch council to gather intelligence and vulnerabilities of some of the most important and influential members of the Second Civil War's resistance fighters to leverage against them, should they stand in the way of his organization's goals.
Greg Sharrow
portrayed by
John Slattery
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