Joshua Harding

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Name Joshua Harding Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) Ability Insomnia
Gender Male
Birthdate December 9, 1952 Age 67
Height 6' 3" Build Thin
Eyes Brown Hair Gray
Residence Washington K.C.
Employment President of the United States of America
Parents Robert Harding (father; deceased)
Mary-Anne Harding (mother; deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Elisabeth Harding (wife) Children Robert Harding Jr (son)
First Scene Leopards & Spots Last Scene
Profile Joshua Harding is a former governor of Florida who held that position between 2006 and 2020. In 2008 he ran in the Democratic Presidential Primaries but dropped out after polling significantly lower than Allen Rickham. Harding is a veteran of the Second American Civil War and coordinated attacks against DoEA Detention Centers alongside freedom fighters in his home state. When the fighting ended, Harding reassumed his role as Governor and attempted to coordinate relief efforts to the severely battered state. Though Harding has technically served more than eight consecutive years as Governor of Florida, US President Raymond Praeger voted not to count the years of 2012 through 2017 as part of Harding's term, allowing him to stay in office until the end of 2020. In November of 2020 Harding won the US Presidential election becoming the 46th President of the United States.
Joshua Harding
portrayed by
Michael Dorn


Political Leaning

Joshua Harding is a member of the Democratic party but has chosen to run against Democratic incumbent Raymond Praeger as an Independent. Harding is a civil rights activist and served in the Clinton administration as the assistant attorney general for the civil rights division. Harding is a vocal proponent of the Chesterfield Act and believes that striking a balance between private liberties and essential Registration laws is a critical path moving forward in America. Harding is also a proponent of decriminalization of marijuana and advocates for the repeal of the Patriot Act.

Attitude Toward SLC-Expressives

Harding is an SLC-Expressive individual and registered in 2009 when SLC Test Kits first became widely available. Harding fought against bias and attempts to remove him from office during the Petrelli Administration and openly fought side-by-side with Resistance forces in the American south against the Mitchell administration during the Second American Civil War.

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