Hollis Fitzroy

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Name Hollis Angela Leigh Fitzroy Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) (INST) Ability Darkvision
Gender Female
Birthdate July 13, 1962 Age 58
Height 5' 3" Build Slim
Eyes Hazel Hair Blonde
Residence Elmhurst
Employment Winslow-Crawford Academy For The Gifted
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Engaged? Children Unknown
First Scene Rues de Guerre Last Scene
Profile Hollis Fitzroy is from a branch of the Ferry responsible for smuggling goods and people across the US border into Canada. Having previously run a safehouse in British Columbia, she was recruited by Peyton Whitney to work as an instructor at the Winslow-Crawford Academy in Toronto, Ontario. With the New York campus set to open, Hollis has relocated in order to teach young people in the Safe Zone.
Hollis Fitzroy
portrayed by
Jennifer Jason Leigh

Hollis Fitzroy is an NPC run by Hudson.



Date Title Participants
01/16 Rues de Guerre Adrianne and Devon
02/20 Reconnaissance Jim, Orwell, and Peyton
A (non-exhaustive) list of relationships significant to Hollis Fitzroy.
Sweet Pea peyton_icon.gif Not only her employer, but her friend. Peyton — Sweet Pea to Hollis — was a ward of the Good Hope Lake cabin for a time. When the war ended and people no longer had need of a cattle rustler, it was Peyton who provided Hollis with much-needed direction. Without her, she'd likely still be out in the Canadian wilderness, all on her own. This is preferable.
Moni monica2_icon.gif After the events at Mount Natazhat, Monica Dawson had a lot to deal with, and Hollis was there with a pot of coffee, a shot of bourbon, a first aid kit, and a wealth of patience and understanding. All these years later, she still keeps in touch with this particular lamb, through all her highs and her lows.
Jimbo jim_icon.gif Like it or not, Jim Clark has secured himself status as one of Hollis' flock. He is burdened with a power beyond her imagination and understanding. What she does understand is that he needs support, and she's willing to offer that to him in the form of hard candy, homemade biscuits, and an ear to bend.
Adrianne bf_rue_icon.gif Adrianne Dietrich lived in Hollis' apartment in Elmhurst for a time. The girl seemed lonely and in need of a friend, and Hollis was happy to provide. She's been missing for some time now, and she's worried about her. Things in this universe have a funny way of working out, though, and she's hoping for the best on this one.


Known to Most

  • In addition to her regular courses, Hollis' pet project is Survival 101, believing everyone in her classroom should know how to fend for themselves if they find themselves alone in the world and without the creature comforts of a major city.

Known to Some

  • As charming and utterly domesticated as she seems to be, Hollis is a hell of a shot with any sort of hunting weapon.
  • Was engaged some thirty-odd years ago, but her betrothed stepped out one day and has yet to return. She still wears the ring he gave her, albeit on her third finger. If asked, she'll say she expects him any time now.

Known to Few

  • Time spent on the Company radar is what prompted Hollis' move to Canada in the first place. It's not clear, however, if she was a former agent or a target.
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