Hugo Villanueva

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Name Hugo Camilo Villanueva Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class ) Ability Vapor Mimic (TBD)
Gender Male
Birthdate September 3, 2005 Age Officially 15;
Biologically 10
Height 4'3" Build Average
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Williamsburg
Employment N/A
Parents Alex Villanueva, deceased
Mayra Villanueva, deceased
Siblings Alexis, deceased
Estefan, deceased
Marital Status N/A Children N/A
First Scene Poltergeist Last Scene
Profile This young boy was presumed dead after his war criminal parents bombed their own home when Wolfhound arrived to detain him in 2015. He escaped due to his manifestation as a vapor mimic of some sort and followed Colette home, unable to return to his human form for several years.
Hugo Villanueva
portrayed by

Malachi Barton
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