Ignacio Rodriguez

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Name Luis Ignacio "Nacho" De Jesus Rodriguez Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Forcefield manipulation
Gender Male
Birthdate Age 28
Height 5'11" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Very dark brown
Residence Red Hook
Employment Botanica La Romana
Parents Luis De Jesus
Yanira Rodriguez
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children God no
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Registered Evolved but non-manifested, Nacho works in a botanica in the Red Hook district.
Ignacio Rodriguez
portrayed by

David Castañeda


Note: Ignacio goes by the nickname "Nacho" among his friends. This is a common nickname for someone named Ignacio in Spanish-speaking countries.


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Known by Many

Known by Some

  • The place where Ignacio works, Botanica La Romana, was a Ferryman stop in the Second Civil War.

Known by Few

  • Despite being non-manifested, Ignacio is a member of Shedda Dinu.



La Rubia chess3_icon.gif Can you really call someone a friend when they're kind of annoyed by you sometimes? Well, you probably can. Whether they would agree is another matter altogether.
La Ex reena_icon.gif They were together, and then they exploded spectacularly. They're still friends…maybe? Sort of? Attempting?


Growing up in the Dominican Republic and living in a majority Spanish-speaking neighborhood means that Ignacio never lost his knowledge of Spanish. He is completely fluent.



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