Iris Earhart

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Name Iris Paige Earhart Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Kinetic) Ability


Gender Female
Birthdate April 21st, 1989 Age 28
Height 5'3" Build Small
Eyes Blue Hair Brown
Residence Williamsburg, New York City Safe Zone
Employment Brooklyn Public Library
Parents Quinton Earhart (father)
Aubrey Earhart (mother)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Like A Quest Last Scene Bookslides

Iris Earhart is an excitable London expatriate living in the New York Safe Zone. Despite being an affable and energetic young woman, she is most often found with her nose buried in a book - any book, really. With an overactive imagination and a love of all things fantastical, she works at the Brooklyn Public Library, where she spends more time reading than actually doing her job yet still somehow manages to get paid. Her ability allows her to control, wield, and change paper in amazing ways, and it's something she finds great joy in. She is commonly dressed in a bright blue jacket and is almost always carrying a book or a magazine or something. Also kind of hates it when people mispronounce her name.

Iris Earhart
portrayed by

Jenna Coleman


A Dream of Lucid Worlds


+ (Almost) Eidetic Memory - Not of the superhuman variety, but notable nonetheless. If Iris has read it, she can probably recall it without too much trouble. She doesn't remember everything she reads, but she is very good at recalling information if she has the chance to look over and study it. She has a much harder time remembering images or auditory stimuli, however

+ Physical Fitness - When Iris is not reading, working, or socialising, there is a good chance she is running. Despite her bookish temperament and sometimes meek appearance, Iris is exceptionally fit and surprisingly fast, capable of jogging through an entire cross country course or running a marathon at a decent pace and time.

+ A World Of Pure Imagination - Growing up surrounded by books and isolated from her parents and other children has led Iris to have an expansive and active imagination, even in her adult years. This causes her to space out sometimes thinking of fantastical possibilities, but her imagination is what fuels her ability, allowing her think up all kinds of ingenious, and sometimes insane, things to do with paper.

+ Well Read - Iris is extremely well read, and is very booksmart - though not terribly street smart. She has read books, fact and fiction, about an impressive assortment of topics, and finds herself able to contribute to most conversations she ends up. That is, when she isn't getting fact and fiction confused. That definitely happens. It's really embarrassing when someone points it out to her.

+ Organisational Wizard - Having worked in bookstores and libraries most of her life has left her with a keen grip on organisation and efficiency of all sorts.

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