Isis O' Conner

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Name Isis O'Conner 1 Aliases Joanne King 2
Tiffany Taylor 3
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability Body Swapping
Gender Female
Birthdate November 8, 1988 Age 30
Height 5' 6" Build 125 lbs
Eyes Hazel Hair Red
Residence Dirk & Isis's apartment in Bay Ridge
Employment Cat's Cradle
Parents Harry O'Conner
Shannon Sullivan ✝
Siblings Raeven O'Conner (Step-Sister)
Chelsea O'Conner (Half-Sister)
Marital Status Single Children
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Once a wild card on the fringes of the greater chaos, Isis has been called back to the Safe Zone of NYC, but for what purpose is unclear….
Isis O' Conner
portrayed by

Rose Leslie

1 Isis O'Conner - legal name taken at age 18. Unregistered.
2 Joanne King - alias provided with face/body change. Unregistered.
3 Tiffany Taylor - alias provided by Dirk. Registered, Unkown.


Theme song:


Known to Most

  • Lighthouse - Known as 'Jo', she worked with Brian and some of the kids at the Lighthouse. During the war she had a small cabin in Maine as a way-point used to help kids cross into Canada or move west into the fray.
  • Isis/Jo works at Cat's Cradle as a part time bartender.
  • Isis is curious about everything, generally to her own detriment. The slightest mysterious is bound to reel her in - hook, like, and sink her.

Known to Some

  • Isis/Jo received a letter asking her back to NYC. No name, no purpose, just: "Come home, Isis." That's all it took to bring her back to NYC. Did you send it?

Known to Few

  • Shedda Dinu


It started with a little psychology in college - a small associate's degree, nothing fancy. It developed with a bit of introspection. As a young woman Isis suffered from what we know now as PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder. These things are never fully cured and require a certain awareness of one's self in order to truly function within, and embrace, relationships and daily life. As a result, Isis/Jo spends a great deal of her time analyzing not only her own actions, but those of the people around her - it provides her equal parts curiosity and insight to people and situations around her, as well as a knack for de-escalating hot-button situations and moods (her own included).


Current Appearance
just herself
The New & Improved Behind the Facade
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Scene Logs


“I'd trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday.”
diogenes_icon.gif What would you do if a strange man with a paralyzing ability broke into your apartment? Isis? Well, that sounds like the perfect foundation for the best, albeit most fucked up, relationship ever. Once upon a time despicable duo had managed to cause quite a bit of trouble for themselves as their own special Bonnie and Clyde, an interesting balance of crazy and crazier. Somewhere in the midst of the war their bond was lost, but not forgotten.
ash_icon.gif I'm not sure about this Curtis guy, but I know Ash is in there. When we parted ways years ago it may not have been on the best of terms, but there is a part of my heart reserved for him nonetheless.


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