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Name Jibakurei Aliases
Status n/a
Gender Male (Jiba) / Female (Miko)
Birthdate February 17, 2015 (Jiba) / April 5, 1989 (Miko) Age 3 (Jiba) / 26 (Miko)
Height N/A Build N/A
Eyes N/A Hair N/A
Residence Yamagato Park
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents Hachiro Otomo (creator) Siblings [REDACTED]
Marital Status None / Eizen Erazawa (ex-fiance) Children None
First Scene Pure Imagination Last Scene
Profile "Jiba" is an artificial intelligence created by Hachiro Otomo to manage and maintain the Yamagato Building, Yamagato Fellowship Center, and Cresting Wave Apartments. Jiba was revealed to be not just an artificial intelligence, but a portion of Miko Otomo's digitized consciousness, protecting her memories while Hachiro Otomo tries to find a way to put her mind back together again.
portrayed by
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