Jim Clark

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Name James Enapay Clark Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Mental) Ability Precognition
Gender Male
Birthdate May 4, 1978 Age 40
Height 6'0" Build Average
Eyes Dark brown Hair Black
Residence New York Safe Zone, Elmhurst
Employment Elmhurst Hospital
Parents Deceased Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Last Scene
Profile Jim is a Registered Nurse who works at Elmhurst Hospital. Originally from South Dakota, he came to the New York Safe Zone to help with reconstruction after serving as a medic in the Civil War.
Jim Clark
portrayed by

Adam Beach



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Known by Many

  • Jim worked as a medic in the Civil War.

Known by Some

  • When Jim first came to the Safe Zone, he more or less disappeared for a year — didn't really go out, didn't really accept visitors.

Known by Few


  • Fixer Upper Jim is a nurse. He's gotten pretty good at patching people up.
  • Running Buddy Jim runs every day. Do you want to join him?


kaylee_icon.gif Jim met Kaylee at the behest of Eve, and while he was initially wary, he admits now that it was a good idea. He likes her, and they can help each other.
luther_icon.gif Luther and Jim met at the hospital when the former needed some patching up. They ended up hanging out, and now they do so relatively regularly.
peyton_icon.gif Jim hasn't known Peyton long, but they seem to pop up in the same places somewhat often. He's helped her with a few things, and she's helped him out, too. Definitely a friend. Cute kid, too.


Jim is a licensed RN and EMT, and has worked in this capacity for around twenty years. Due to his involvement in the Second Civil War, he is extremely proficient in triage and trauma. He is also knowledgeable about traditional medicine and holistic healing due to his grandfather’s teachings.



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