Joaquin Cortés

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Name Joaquin Olivio Cortés Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate March 15, 2000 Age 22
Height 5'10" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Williamsburg
Employment Gofer and administrative intern for Cat's Cradle
Part-timer for Botanica La Romana
Nursing & Business Admin Student at Brooklyn College
Parents Arturo Olivio Cortés (father, deceased)
Carina Natalia Cortés-Cruz (mother, deceased)
Siblings Alexandra Camila Cortés (older sister, deceased)
Javier Arturo Cortés (older brother, deceased)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Happy Accidents Last Scene
Profile Joaquin's family helped the Ferry and were at Pollepel Island during the siege. They were all killed except Joaquin, who then joined those fleeing to Canada. He stayed with the Lighthouse Kids, but being non-Evolved and not very good "soldier" material, he mainly stuck to support duties. He's moved back to the Safe Zone at first opportunity and received a residence in the lottery as well as admission to Brooklyn College.
Joaquin Cortés
portrayed by

Sebastián Yatra


Hooks and Facts

Known to Most

  • Joaquin is a student at Brooklyn College, taking classes focused on Health and Business Administration. Are you attending BC? Are you in his class?
  • Full time student, so many part-time hustles. He needs the money. You got a job for him?

Known to Some

  • In the days after the Midtown Bomb in 2006, the Cortés family joined up and helped the Ferry. They took in strangers to their home above a bodega, sheltered and helped smuggle people around. They fled to Pollepel Island, where all of them except Joaquin died during the siege attack.
  • Joaquin joined the retreat into Canada with the other Lighthouse members and spend the days of the 2nd Civil War there. Most would know he wasn't very good with the soldier-y stuff and kind of stuck out given he was Non-Evolved. He took up support duties, mainly helping in the infirmary or the kitchen or wherever another pair of hands was needed.

Known to Few

  • His mother and siblings were SLC-Expressive, his father and extended family were Non-Expressive.


Not having powers of his own meant Joaquin took up a supporting role when helping with the Ferry and eventually the Lighthouse. Under the tutelages of several more experienced minds and hands, he helped patch up more than his fair share of wounds and injuries.


nathalie_icon.gif His close friend in the early days spent in Canada. She helped him a lot in the infirmary and never let him feel subpar to the other Expressive kids. After her disappearance, he's been in a silent grief over what must have become of her.
lance_icon.gif Like the Robin to their Teen Titans, Lance represents to him the confidence and charisma of a leading man.
joe_icon.gif If Lance is the Robin, Joe is their Cyborg. Thick as thieves.
geneva_icon.gif The Hot headed and brash, but admirable in her go-getting and independence.
brynn_icon.gif Technically, she'd be Starfire? But she's pretty much like Raven in terms of stealth. It's a good thing Doodlebug is around.






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