Joe Winters

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Name Joseph Winters Aliases Joseph Fulk
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Biological) Ability Impenetrable Skin
Gender Male
Birthdate November 23rd 1999 Age 19
Height 5'8" Build Slim
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Brown
Residence The Firehouse
Employment Various things. Mostly legal.
Parents Brian Winters (Adoptive Father) Siblings All the Lighthouse Kids
Marital Status Single Children Nope
First Scene The Man With The Van Last Scene
Profile One of the Lighthouse Kids all grown up and ready for trouble. He's moved back to New York to hang with his adoptive siblings and just try to embrace life now that the war is over.
Joe Winters
portrayed by

Tom Holland



Known To Most

  • Joe is an orphan and was raised as one of the Lighthouse Kids. Wards of the Ferrymen and survivors of the pre war persecution.
  • He lives in the safe zone these days and works as a babysitter. Putting all those years of taking care of the younger kids to work.
  • He can be found around the Redhook Market and in Phoenix Heights a lot.

Known To Some

  • He's Evolved, and a troublemaker. Not in the sense that he makes trouble, but he pokes his nose in it everywhere he finds it. So he's a trouble finder, a trouble hound if you will.
  • He has a lot of ties and connections in the Evolved community and further. He knows SESA agents and SZC Council members alike.

Known To Few

  • Part of being raised by Brian meant learning to defend yourself. Most of the Lighthouse kids have basic self defense training. But Joe and a few others have much greater training. For their age they are highly trained combatants with proficiency in a variety of fire arms and fighting styles. Joe can totally go ninja on someone.


Dad. Joe's adoptive father. He raised Joe. Brian found Joe before finding the Lighthouse. He owes Brian everything.
Broheme. Brosef. Broninja. Joe's best friend and partner in crime. Joe gets him into all sorts of trouble but Lance secretly loves it.
Other Broninja. Joe's other best friend and partner in crime. The third part of their triumvirate of doom. Joe also gets him into trouble. And Paul openly loves it.
Sister. Not as shy or as innocent as she likes people to believe. She's been with the LHK's through all of the hell. Survivor.
Also sister. Lance's blood sister, but Joe's by adoptive Lighthouse Kids rights. Or something. Sister. Crazy wild feral one, but Joe worries about her a lot. Living out in the woods. With no peanut butter.
Aunt Gilly. Joe's happy to have her back in his life. He was very sad when she walked out of the LHK's lives. But he understands why she did it. He's just happy to have her back.


Child Aftermath
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  • Combat: Joe is skilled in a variety of forms of combat thanks to his training at his adoptive father's hands. Brian trained him in the use of guns ranging from pistols to automatic rifles, with a little training in heavier things thrown in like belt fed machine guns you might find on a truck or set up on a tripod. He's by no means a master marksman but he can pick up most guns with a degree of familiarity. He is also trained in hand to hand fighting, and it's there that a fair amount of focus went since Joe is capable of closing to close quarters with most foes due to his superhuman resistance to damage. He wasn't taught any one style, but a variety of different movies and techniques that combine into a brutal but efficient fighting style. Joe has always leaned more heavily towards disabling his opponents rather than killing, both with firearms and with hand to hand combat.
  • Espionage: Okay well not like the assasination type stuff, but Brian has taught Joe how to move around unnoticed. How to work his way through a crowd, how to pretend to be someone he's not. He knows how to pick a lock, how to move quietly and stealthily, and how to cover his tracks most importantly of all.
  • Child Care: Seriously though. Joe spent a lot of time taking care of the younger Lighthouse kids, more so while Brian was dead. Without Brian there he stepped up to help to a greater degree with the younger children, and he's learned a great deal in his short life about taking care of children despite being a child himself.
  • Sign Language: This covers both ASL which he was taught by Brian so the LHK's could communicate silently, and so they could communicate with Brynn, but also the Lighthouse Cant. It's a mongrel form of sign language developed by the kids so they could communicate between eachother silently without anyone else knowing what was being said.
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