José Ángel Manuel Ayala

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Name José Ángel Manuel Ayala Aliases Abraxas Hernández
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Skill Mimicry
Gender Male
Birthdate May 3, 1977 Age 41
Height 5'11" Build Athletic
Eyes Dark Brown Hair Brown
Residence Unknown
Employment Unknown
Parents Marco Ayala
Ximena Ayala
Siblings Maite Monserrat Ayala
Axel Carlos Ayala
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Scene Boys Don't Last Scene
Profile A man with a very nonspecific skillset.
José Ángel Manuel Ayala
portrayed by

Pedro Pascal

Addling in the sum of your voice, I know of something beyond mouth.
Next to a lone loop of sound, the action of light sweeps over me:
Xerography, the surface is your paper grasp of the world.
In time, I'll begin to forget you. Your lips luscious trinkets
Easily exchanged for a used camera, a set of oil paints, a pound of
Tiny cherries, pits to spit by the bundle into a pit of ashtray.
Yesterday, you were an empty grave in Palestine, the umbilical coast of Africa.

Only, I was half in love with you.
For all of yesterday, I was half in love with you.

— Issam Zineh, from “The Beginning of Verse”


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