Jun Primo

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Name Jun Primo Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class ) Ability Unknown
Gender Male
Birthdate April 28, 1981 Age 38
Height 6'2" Build Fit
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA (previously)
Employment Private "Free Clinic," Boston, MA
Parents Deceased Siblings Ken Primo
Marital Status Unmarried Children None
First Scene Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru Last Scene
Profile Dr. Jun Primo was a psychologist working in Boston, Massachusetts, where he had moved after the Second World War in order to help his newly widowered brother cope with grief and care for his nibling, Nico Primo. He thought it was the end of a long estrangement and a new beginning. But then he was taken.
Jun Primo
portrayed by

Daniel Henney

“My heart had become very small;
it took
very little
to fill it.
A few days in a strange city.
A conversation, the touch of a hand.
I needed nothing more;'
That was what I wanted: to be naked.”

— Louise Glück, from Eros

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