June Shepherd Lê

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Name June Shepherd Lê Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class B/C Chemical) Ability Transmutation
Gender Female
Birthdate April 12, 2004 Age 16
Height 5'3" Build Skinny
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Parents Bian Lê
Finn Shepherd
Marital Status Children
First Scene Girl Scout Cookies Last Scene
Profile A young girl on a journey to meet her birth father for the first time.
June Shepherd Lê
portrayed by

Lana Condor



  • Crafting - June knows how to make homemade tools, weapons, snares and the like with items found in nature and she's pretty good at repairing those same things when they break.
  • Hunting - She uses a bow and arrows both because they're quieter and because she can make them and upkeep them on her own. But she knows how to track, kill, skin, preserve and prepare meat. As well as how to make use of as much of the animal as possible.
  • Alternative fuel - She knows how to keep lamps/lanterns and mechanical things (that need fuel) running on animal fat and other compostable items.
  • Mechanics - She knows how to diagnose, fix and improve cars and motorcycles.
  • Sewing and Cobbling - She had to make her clothes and shoes and such things last as long as possible since running to the store wasn't an option. She can make and/or repair clothes, shoes, pillows, upholstery, etc.
  • Bee Keeping - She lived with and studied under a bee keeper since the end of the second civil war. If she could get her hands on the equipment and the bees, she can run a successful, zero tech hive. Honey is very lucrative.
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